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Web site maintenance to avoid the search engine K station

      I will teach you how to deal with some triangular relationship with the user and the temporary closure of the website search engine! Let users and spiders know site maintenance is webmaster friends, do not inform the work, casually put the site shut down, causing the user access and the spider, 404…
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September 3, 2017 0

Example the new operation within 3 days of home page and the inside pages included

necessary conditions on the contents page included first content if the collection is the best, make the appropriate changes in the title. Secondly, it must appear on the home page, of course. content: in the chain operation of the above if they have the resources of course the best start to the site, directly with…
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August 12, 2017 0

What kind of websites make the most money in the future fourTai Chi learning365 CPM products off the

just because we see the virtual world can provide these values, so the commercial entrepreneurship laboratory only to find that the virtual world is the most promising future we have been looking for "web site."". The materials in the real world are limited, and it is impossible to satisfy all the needs and desires of…
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August 7, 2017 0

Looking at the evolution of website interactive advertising from the major portals

some time ago, every door has undergone a revision, which is regarded as a collective transformation of the media format of the portal. YAHOO launched its new home page, introducing a new era of social platform like Facebook style. And Sina also carried out in 1998 since its establishment in, 15 years since a major…
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July 28, 2017 0