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The analysis on the keyword ranking

, the 5 external links. Under the same conditions, the better the quality of external links, the more the number, the ranking will be more in front of

ranking basically, when an article does not meet one or several factors, going through a few other factors to make up for the defects.

7 release time. Under the same conditions, the release time is more long, ranking on the former.

3, a popular keyword or keywords for the website home page, but the user keywords and not too hot for the optimization of love search; read more

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Brilliant idea of network marketinglianmeng nursery garden click category ads recently joined

develop marketing strategies?  

, thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

is following the Internet marketing plan, and then there’s the implementation. How can you successfully sell an image or a product on the Internet through marketing planning? Most people in the website after the completion of production, in addition to updating the information, it will not go after it, in fact, this is a very regrettable practice, because the site is completed, but the beginning of marketing. The interactive nature of how to use the Internet to attract crowds visiting and recruiting members, as the foundation of the future of electronic commerce, this is the key; in practice, creativity, technology, the database will be the key to success. But where does the idea come from? If the definition of "creative" two words "is known to make things unexpected arrangements, so the network marketing ideas can be said to be let us see Taiwan can be found everywhere." read more

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Xue Manzi invested in a junior high school student and a high school student They all succeeded

Abstract: the entrepreneur is the biggest problem for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, to see how good, how to see how beautiful, as we all know, when O2O fire, car repair, home to your feet is the door, this thing is actually a false demand, no one need, so soon after the bubble burst. This thing is not reliable, no need.

why? Because I have done several successful cases, the first one, I was a junior high school graduate, called Cai Wensheng. I had to go to Fujian and Ma, a young man does not speak Mandarin, he made a 265, then we become good friends, my investment accounted for 25% of the shares. Why did Cai Wensheng succeed? Because he has done a very demand, he said the China people not on YAHOO, this thing I did is to meet the majority of Internet users can not meet the demand, it is also the bottleneck of the Internet, so the 265 have been very successful, in addition to hao123, it is second. read more

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Classified information sites seem turbulent laughing at the end ‘m afraid

from the Internet to search a lot of classified information website is a promising prospect, how to say, so many people have a dream full of excitement. with money, joined the team. But think carefully, there are still many questions we need to discuss

what is the outlook for the first, classified information web site?

with the social economic development, the network has become more and more popular. Many people search for information they need through the Internet, which lays a solid foundation for the prospects of classified information websites. But the premise is that the classified information that your website offers is of high value. This kind of high is not alone, but in quantity, it is its authenticity and timeliness. read more

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A painful lesson for Mamy Poko to change rice

Mamy Poko

has just started doing it, because there is no thought of a good domain name, use the domain name, but also wrote an article "share my site PR from 0 to 3 of the experience, the address is, many webmaster friends seeking sites have a good PR value, crazy to find the chain, buy the chain, black chain and so on, as long as you do not know the structure of your site’s internal processing as well can have a good PR value. read more

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