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The three core elements of the website optimization operations must have the

Now the Internet core!

regardless of any type of website needs to have powerful resources support! The resources here include: Cyber source and network resources! First to talk about cyber source, cyber source including website, account and tools. The website mainly refers to the station group. Each blend of Internet expert must have a group of very good website resources optimization. This batch of websites resources can maximize the value of capital accumulation to create a number of resources account. For example: Shanghai forum account and love products of high grade account etc.. Is the so-called is to do good work, must first sharpen his tools! Have these accounts after resources, whether it is to do the promotion or increase the weight of the chain will be very easy! Finally there is a network of resources on the Internet, mix for a long time more or less will know some online friends, these friends will help you become the biggest to find information or find a job or business opportunity! Is the so-called friends the way! As long as the Internet wide circle of friends, so things will certainly get the read more

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The old class taught you how to create the perfect accord with Shanghai dragon blog three

this content is: how to determine the theme of the blog.

2, how to choose the

blog is just a hobby, or just put it as a diary look like. We can be 3 days, 5 days, 1 months or even 1 more. However, No.

? ?

1, If the

blog (long-term planning and short-term planning plan)

when you write a blog, if you write the article even you don’t feel what you just said, or to write and write something I’m afraid this is a very painful thing. As we go to school when the teacher taught us how to learn: must oneself are interested in learning, blogging is the same! First you choose the theme attractive to yourself, so that you have the power to improve the mining. read more

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To create the ultimate single product to achieve the ultimate thinking Shanghai Dragon

from the media big coffee Mowgli brother (Zhang Ying) summed up the ultimate single product 10 standards: good quality, less competition, strong personality, scarcity, high profit, persistent, were fast, wide area, light logistics,.

2, less competition: Shanghai dragon training industry is a very competitive market in the Red Sea, but in August 2008 I cut this network Alibaba gathered, with ALI network for specific customer groups, to create a "network of Shanghai dragon" of the new vertical industry, in this vertical industry, very little competition. I used 6 years of time, firmly do the first Chinese network in Shanghai dragon industry. read more

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n 2012 the search engine algorithm change outside chain article

third, sharing platform. Now a lot of sharing platform have been the majority of Shanghai dragon ER rotten, especially after the thumb love Shanghai share, love Shanghai share "


first, Links. High weight website output link is still the first choice for the high quality of the chain. However, the search engine to determine Links also has a little change, that is to weaken the site’s relevance, this estimate is due to the related content in the webmaster to cheat. Therefore, there is high weight website ranking, high traffic derived links is an important means of stable keywords ranking. read more

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People dedicated website ranking and analysis of the relationship between Shanghai Dragon

practitioners will complain that some websites using black hat tactics, resulting in his website ranking has been, and I don’t like him to cheat. Often heard such words, my heart will fandigu, preferring to use these black hat techniques obtain rankings, rather than the sub sub site, in addition to its quick outside, more is cornered. We see that this might be a bit puzzled all at sea, below I give you examples. A few days ago, a netizen with me, talk politely, after a ceremony that explained his point, asked me why your site adhere to the original and distribution links, the effect is not obvious, and left her. At the time of their busy doing other things, just talk some things, so for 10 minutes, after the return of the site according to the careful analysis, the reason is the same IP has a website called K, then the message to explain the situation, did not expect the users excited, said he asked the circle, not to be brushed, is money to answer the questions, he got really no way, and he said that if I can give him some advice, he will try to cheat what effect. Talk to it, could not help but resonate, now the industry can use to describe many sites of dragons and fishes jumbled together, out of order. read more

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How to let the new rapid access to some small experience love Shanghai weight

4) when they have to write soft article, then investors each big Adsense website or forum. It is the so-called "content is king, the chain for emperor", want to improve website weight in addition to guarantee the quality of the content, how can the less the chains? So, if not the best webmaster it is time to write some soft Wen, then cast to the webmaster site or forums for other websites, as long as you reprint the soft site enough, the chain will be more of your site then corresponding, when your chain reaches a certain number, your website weight naturally to enhance the read more

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Wings of coffee Yin Feng immortal sister growth story8336 Adsense essay old secret of variations pla

side of three kinds of people: Gao Fu Shuai, tyrant, cock wire

Wangzhuan tired

"you" since joining BOSS group, Yin peak each month have 6 days to record programs, from 9 in the morning to start at midnight, every book two, it has been more than 500. In order to male boss based BOSS group, Yin Feng to the audience the impression is "rational and restrained" love: standing in the applicant’s position on the issue, not so overbearing.

"this is how the line? How can the diploma certificate so serious sign my name!" however, Yin Feng and he took a photo. read more

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New retail rise Jingdong Ali has overweight line retail system layoutShare some tips on opening an

in April this year, Liu Qiangdong announced through social media, the next five years, Jingdong in the country to open more than one hundred Jingdong convenience stores, half of which will open in the countryside. This time, Jingdong convenience stores are mainly through the form of stores to join. As early as the end of 2015, Jingdong announced the establishment of the new channel division, providing the store with distribution support, store marketing, data sharing solutions.

‘s first rhythm was Ma Yun, chairman of the Alibaba board of directors, who first introduced the concept of "new retail" in October last year, and later described his views on the future of the retail system. In his speech to Argentina in May 2nd, Ma said that the next 10 years, online, offline and big data, coupled with warehousing and logistics, will become the new retail. "In the future, it’s not how you sell things to others, it’s about how you serve people better."." read more

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Search engine optimization method for drainage of Shanghai Longfeng site

enterprise, the lowest level of the user access mode is "waiting at home", there is a business to do, not to worry about, only to rest on its laurels. Better managers will store and personal circle of friends doing small activities based on the marketing that something is better than nothing.

general managers will consider a variety of free or paid drainage channels, value, matching degree and the price after all kinds of information related to channel evaluation, after practice test after settling a long-term channel of high value, such as search engine optimization. read more

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The analysis on the keyword ranking

, the 5 external links. Under the same conditions, the better the quality of external links, the more the number, the ranking will be more in front of

ranking basically, when an article does not meet one or several factors, going through a few other factors to make up for the defects.

7 release time. Under the same conditions, the release time is more long, ranking on the former.

3, a popular keyword or keywords for the website home page, but the user keywords and not too hot for the optimization of love search; read more

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Scindapsus intermediary platform how to survive on the ruthless link

is a K site doesn’t really become a dead station, such as Ali slightly such well-known site. When a webmaster want to buy links, usually through two ways to select the link platform, the first is a direct search for love in Shanghai, of course, the station was K certainly not to search, the second is introduced by a friend or recommended. People love second ways, like buying a website like space, service providers and the Internet domain name space is too much. But my friends used to recommend to you, this is the surest way. The > read more

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Shanghai dragon how the production and management of tens of millions of pages

let the collection content, existing UGC content are combined, under natural conditions, the recombinant


third step,

;Grouping rules of

to promote independent user generated content from the product, including the promotion of self-help, self aggregating content updates;

second step, set the basic rules of

similar to the mobile terminal products, a high proportion of disposable users. From the perspective of web, favorable: mass production page; disadvantages are invalid page. read more

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The game website construction of the chain should avoid the problem


but now many game sites in a garbage sites in the mentality, by buying a lot of pop ads and a large number of black chain to optimize, although these methods in the past period of time is very easy to succeed, but with the ability to enhance the user self identification, crack down again add love to Shanghai, this is the chain optimization model began to have significant defects.

in addition to the construction of the chain mode exists serious mistakes, some of the more traditional chain construction also exist many defects, the following is to the construction of the chain need to avoid problems. read more

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The use of nofollow tags and external links


then add the label really has an impact on the voting link weights and the PR value? This is questionable. If I remember correctly, noble baby, Yahoo, MSN expressed support for the label. But they really put the voting weights of these links are reduced to zero and not sure?.

tag is usually used in the comments on a blog or forum posts, because these places are the most spam links place. Now the mainstream blog and forum software automatically in the comments and posts links up with this label." Can’t sleep "do not think that this label is I, or my blog system (WordPress) is written in my own read more

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To improve website ranking is actually so few points

: the first site title, keywords, description

said if the website content is original it must be very good, but it is very difficult to do, so we let the site most is the original, or the first few updates, do not pursue that has included hundreds of pages is unlikely, in fact, also do not use some software, are not too good, the contents of our nature well, such as work arrangements, new customers can write very well, when writing the content to take key words, help page long tail keywords ranking and anchor text set, updated every day, if each. read more

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Web site maintenance to avoid the search engine K station

I will teach you how to deal with some triangular relationship with the user and the temporary closure of the website search engine! Let users and spiders know site maintenance is

webmaster friends, do not inform the work, casually put the site shut down, causing the user access and the spider, 404 pages. In the worst case, the user and the spider will think the site has been closed down, and will not come again, just like the restaurant, not closed, posted the announcement, the same customer will think that the restaurant has been closed down, the next time will not come again. read more

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The new two week at PR2 Google has ranked the experience

now, I want to say is that I in September to 14 for the 2 weeks from September 1st, how to optimize a station, although the time is not long, but has made considerable achievements, I will be described one by one out now, some things are master looks funny, but I think for new or half people, should be rewarded. This is my first time to optimize the new station, which is never before optimization of new sites, before the optimization of the station are some of the company’s old station, the old station is actually better optimization, because of their own domain name space age age where the chain is more or less good, the bottom search engine. Old friends, so the optimization is very fast. But for the new station, what is new, new space, new domain, new architecture, new content, everything is like the fledgling new chicks. read more

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Through the analysis on how to love the experience of Shanghai effectively promote local tourism web

, in Shanghai love experience website flagship local travel products

first look at a picture:


looked carefully, found that many competitors are using the love experience of Shanghai local tourism promotion website, through almost all the Raiders, some scenic spots, lines, eat, wear, live, play, hotel and so on tourism product promotion, but also to experience through ranking and content is very high the article, as long as the words in the title and content of the appropriate settings can be quickly fell in love with the sea to search for your release, some users will love the search scenic tourist routes single, then the paper find the love experience of Shanghai chapter click, if the user really want, help for users, one hundred percent of users will click on links to your site. How to love the experience of Shanghai platform for effective promotion of local tourism website of the author. read more

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The site is down right do not have to do the three step will lie calm to save the situation

& & solve the policy: it is not too late, after the site is down right, we need to find the previous add anchor text of the article, and then delete the anchor text over some repetition, keep an article up to two anchor text, and add anchor text in the article to add on after.


also said that the site right down there may be some objective factors, Shanghai is the best algorithm for miscarriage of justice, but the possibility is very small, the site is down right the first time we should be looking for the internal factors of our website itself, analyzes why the website will be right down. The reason I hengheshashu site right down, could not enumerate, take the three kinds of the most common reasons and the corresponding policy to solve and share with you: read more

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What really happened in 2015 outside the chain of no use

used the "Legend of miraculous content is king, the chain for the emperor" has disappeared in the long history, the shortest time and everyone in the group discussion, found that many are not mentioned in the chain of things, I will discuss the topic of the chain to them from their mouth that now is not the "content is king for the chain" the emperor King chain but the content is not what is outside the chain, the legendary really lost the role of

from the exchange to the old webmaster said now is in accordance with the website weight to calculate the weight amount of traffic, now the weight rule in figure read more

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