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From the search search business to see Shanghai dragon consultants Shanghai Longfeng expectations


recently in a headhunter’s friend said one of their customers need a full-time consultant to Shanghai Longfeng responsible for network marketing and promotion, and set up the team, let the sincere help, understanding of the general situation after several friends to recommend. Of course, this is not the point, is not our concern, first look at the business requirements:

enterprise for Shanghai dragon consultants are generally relatively high, especially for online shopping enterprises, may be the company most of the profit expectations of all the pressure in the Shanghai dragon body, from a certain angle can also reflect the enterprise needs to have the potential of Shanghai dragon and professional knowledge, can be used as a reference and direction our Shanghai dragon ER development. After all we know and learn Shanghai dragon also to benefit and create value, but this value in the enterprise feel more obvious. read more

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Example the new operation within 3 days of home page and the inside pages included

necessary conditions on the contents page included

first content if the collection is the best, make the appropriate changes in the title. Secondly, it must appear on the home page, of course.


in the chain operation of the above

if they have the resources of course the best start to the site, directly with the friends of the chain. If not, it depends on individual effort, if you can get to the Links, 10 is no problem, do not consider the problem is new or old station.

acquisition station (a lot of content because of its content as pseudo original website that was changed in meaning has changed the taste, of course, not all) released, just released a part of them (more than 1000 pages). The three second label website of the meta must be their own nature, must not be collected, and remember the three major labels must be written. read more

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After the analysis of the construction site to website optimization

style home key, the center should be subject expression throughout the site. Keywords: such as "Shangyi network positioning of construction sites in Chengdu,"


4. ALT information: at present, the search engine to support all the pictures and flash are not perfect. But often in order to website appearance, we need to add some dynamic website in the image, the picture, to beautify the site effect. But we need to pay attention to is: in addition to the best picture at the same time, increase the ALT information, ALT can effectively represent the current image or Flash file is what. Love is often the Shanghai picture according to the picture information included in alt. read more

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For several reasons the website down right

The most important thing to do is

2, website done massive revision

website revision is a normal thing, search engine has made it clear that a reasonable revision is not caused by the Shanghai Phoenix site is down right, but if the change is too large, such as the template with the exchange, replacing the title home page information, website main keywords with, may also may affect the weight of the website.


4, the content of the websiteThe

webmaster is not willing to meet what is the site is K or drop right, there are many, the site is down right after the performance such as search engines reduce, page snapshot not update, site traffic is greatly reduced, without the host today (www.51php贵族宝贝) small according to the self understanding of Shanghai dragon and Web search engine, reason and share site is down right, different people have different views, I hope you through reading this paper can bring you inspiration. read more

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The couple should do WangzhuanThe 17 year old high school dropout founders invented the new computer

so, the third attempt began. I learned on the Internet that website can make money, but the only thing I can do is to make money through the advertising alliance. For starters, it’s hard to get a station with a certain amount of traffic. So then I chose software cheating cheating, but the effect is not ideal, even if one is cheating, Chinese spam alliance can not earn much money per day with one yuan has been very good. So, I began to quit the domestic advertising League, and I was not cheating, I began to learn SEO. Now I have 4 websites, and every site starts with 200 IP traffic in the first week, and there are about 15 GG hits per station. The 4 stations add up to ideal. read more

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Another company C dies Amoy founder on the road nonsenseAunt firewood can do repeated criticism of

, according to a supply side of Amoy road revealed that last December due to Amoy road funding tension, the two sides suspended cooperation.

began to disclose all the actual data

hereinafter, Q reporter Liu Qiongyu A Bo Wang Zhi, the aunt of founder Chai Ke

in fact, from the second half of last year, Amoy road began to sink into all kinds of "negative". The first is the end of November last year President Tang Yibo left office, since the spring and rumors of its C round of financing blocked. read more

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Chen Chunhua Ren Zhengfei said we don’t need employees at HUAWE ThanksgivingWhich is the most pop

The two part of the

to my surprise, Mr. Ren was driving himself with us in the past, and I say that the Yao teacher, is the most expensive "driver", but Mr. Ren said he was going to meet us this morning to the hotel, but see the route is not smooth, worried about the impact of the meeting time, so directly to the conference room waiting for us. Sitting in the car personally driving, more admire Mr. ren.

, which began in October 24th and ended early in the morning of November 6th, won 5628 votes. In November 08, TechWeb, tianjiwang, CCIDNET analysis released the final voting results and essentials. read more

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CHANet results report virus descriptionCustomer service crown shop wise remark of an experienced per

summary 1: promotion of their familiar treasure, like writing papers like to write your post.

seems to be 08 years at the end of December the mother registered account, did not know how it is, just let yourself an account in the dry pestle for 1 months. Later, inadvertently see their shop every day paid guest bricks are thousands, echocardiography, concentrated on one night, hey. Use your blog to promote their own good shops. One week without any success, it dropped again……

then our technicians launched a series of tests, the investigation found that the results of CHANet network itself has not been tampered with or "inserted into the code, but the results of CHANet network server is located in a one room infected with the ARP virus, and ARP attacks on the results of CHANet web server, which insert malicious code in user access to the CHANet network results when. Due to the timely detection of problems, our technicians successfully solved the attack at 6 p.m.. read more

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What are the domestic free WangzhuanThis person is really crazy Ma Yun has failed he will challeng

class is surfing the hook project money, the general European countries site credibility, payment speed, unit score is high, while domestic surfing is relatively low, and there is a time limit, as the news times limit per person per day can only hang up 3 hours. The site recommends fewer surfing events because there is little time to find new projects in the near future.

Liu Yan, the security behind the actual manipulator and the heart is Jiang Hong chotion believe this.

in China, has not seen any big company or entrepreneurial team can challenge WeChat success. read more

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n the face of the bubble era where is the APP developer’s way outSocial networking Tagged ultra Fa

according to the ComScore survey, Tagged users average access 18 times in March, second only to Facebook’s average 36 visits. Tagged users spend about 12.1 minutes per visit to the site – only behind Tumblr 14.7 minutes, beating Facebook 10.9 minutes.

now, as the biggest growth potential of Android systems, although the system is open source, but it is not optimistic. Even though the number of users in Android systems is the most current, the Android system does not have much room for profit for developers. The Android system is open source, which shows how much harder it is to charge Android. Compared to Android, iOS platform is more attractive. Because Apple has built a sound ecosystem of APP, your APP can be sold at Apple’s app store right away. Once someone pays for the purchase, Apple will split the deal with the developer in accordance with the agreement. So choosing iOS is a good choice relative to profitability. Of course, the new Windowsphone system can also be considered. Because the system is now out, so now the system has a lot of appeal. After all, Microsoft is a big company, so > read more

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Brilliant idea of network marketinglianmeng nursery garden click category ads recently joined

develop marketing strategies?  

, thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

is following the Internet marketing plan, and then there’s the implementation. How can you successfully sell an image or a product on the Internet through marketing planning? Most people in the website after the completion of production, in addition to updating the information, it will not go after it, in fact, this is a very regrettable practice, because the site is completed, but the beginning of marketing. The interactive nature of how to use the Internet to attract crowds visiting and recruiting members, as the foundation of the future of electronic commerce, this is the key; in practice, creativity, technology, the database will be the key to success. But where does the idea come from? If the definition of "creative" two words "is known to make things unexpected arrangements, so the network marketing ideas can be said to be let us see Taiwan can be found everywhere." read more

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A sh419 webmaster pain advertising network allianceWithout the brand marketing model how can ndeed

, Indeed Monster to become the United States for the first time beyond the recruitment information search site list in 2010. At present, the traffic is already Monster and CareerBuilder two sites integrated. On Wednesday, Indeed announced in January this year, the number of visitors they reached one hundred million. This is the job search site for the first time break this record.

Indeed is not the only one to do advertising has 100 million users within a month of the company. Instagram in the last month has reached 100 million users, is also in the absence of any marketing case. However, taking into account the Indeed competitor this powerful, it’s one hundred million users more impressive. Monster and CareerBuilder are still in the Super Bowl broadcast advertisements, and adhere to the annual commercial advertising plan. read more

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Key to setting up PPC keywordsWhat’s the quickest way to make money online in 2010

is fast relative to the slow, so we must have a reference to compare, such as the kind of Wangzhuan types in the fastest to earn money, take it and click on the survey. Usually in the domestic click station to pay a lower amount, the general day to be paid, although only a few cents or a few cents, but this is a way to earn money the fastest, and the relative survey project, the minimum payment amount is high, and each survey needs a period of time to be such a cycle will be longer, from the comparison of the two items, click to do much faster than the survey. Of course, this is not absolute, only provide a simple example to say the speed of money. read more

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The recent PTC click Wangzhuan relatively lowDai Renguang Taobao guest user friendly shopping guide

How does

don’t PTC click the project it is a hitherto unknown low period, is the human factor, or really affected by the financial turmoil? May have it, we can recommend the suspension of the first PTC project, to do other projects, such as investigation, class, and the surf GDI station contribute money project. The original text is from: 99earn.org/talk/2009/1015/1.html

A recent

for Taobao to open TOP and Amoy Dongdong program acquisition function, I always feel this way is simple convenient Taobao guest access to Taobao products, this kind of approach may be more suitable for the kind of want to do "mall" Taobao guest website webmaster, but there is very little to say, this kind of website features usually, eyebrows beard, program will be paid less attention to the quality of the product itself and the site for the treatment of these products, daily work will only go into the collection, for this website is the lack of competitiveness in the market, if you can TOP or acquisition to good use, to understand their own collect what? After collection to the database, how to deal with these products? I think this is really should pay attention to, because if you want to create a The mall, then your product is your core competitiveness, you choose what kind of products you decide this is a what kind of website, before I for this kind of mall model Taobao customers are not optimistic, but still hold a neutral attitude, because I found there are still users love it very much station, including my girlfriend, she is very love Bibi hair before browsing website Taobao guest channel, then she told me that she felt Bibi hair choice of products is really very unique, often can stimulate her desire for shopping, I want to be able to ensure the quality of products is to seize the attention of consumers, this is not the acquisition can be completed, believe that this is after selective acquisition, two processing results, so the use of TOP and gathering of heroes in the number of webmaster, do not, Take quality as the goal. read more

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What kind of websites make the most money in the future fourTai Chi learning365 CPM products off the

just because we see the virtual world can provide these values, so the commercial entrepreneurship laboratory only to find that the virtual world is the most promising future we have been looking for "web site."". The materials in the real world are limited, and it is impossible to satisfy all the needs and desires of men. These are

the value of the virtual world is yet to be calculated, even if it removes the expectation of changing the world in the virtual world. read more

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Network experience summed up how to build their own Taobao customersTwo suggestions on how to make t

is to let your visitors to your site to produce a sense of trust for the most important Taobao guest website content construction, only in this way can you improve your volume, do not simply copy the goods on the Taobao acquisition to your website, this volume is not high. Many veteran Taobao customers just build a blog site, or build a blog directly, and then create some articles related to their promotional products every day. In the beginning, recommend your website to your friends and some friends you know online. Slowly, as the original content increases, the site will also bring a certain amount of traffic from the search engine. Then exchange some links, or buy some high quality of the chain, and gradually increase the weight of the site. read more

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Elasticsearch technology analysis and actual combat Zhu Lin and his mosaic360 amnesty startups you

provides real-time, centralized, visual and automated auditing services for different types of logs. Including analysis, monitoring and reporting

there must be a good writer behind a good book, and the author is secisland/index.html, the founder of Zhu Lin. Zhu Lin has been involved in systems related development since graduation. He has worked as a software analyst, a Requirement Analyst, an architect, etc.. From graduation to work for more than ten years, most of them are dealing with relatively large enterprises in China, and they have a better understanding of the current situation of information construction in enterprises. read more

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Can send only one word wonderful mobile M applications Yo won millions of dollars financingWhy is

website, such as adjusting the location of advertising, suggest that advertising revenue will increase, but actually find it lower, in this case need to restore, and then try other optimization methods.

Advertising Changes on the in contributions!

let’s give you an example.

context > content


is said to have completed the development of the app in just 8 hours with the developer Or Arbel. When originally submitted to the App Store, apple official once was "not yet completed" as the grounds, refused to Yo shelves. What’s interesting is that, on this year’s April Fool’s day, Yo finally landed at Apple’s app store and made an amazing achievement. read more

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Who is forced to walk the Wangzhuan masterFabKids Subscription oriented electricity supplier for chi

all the people are from the new coming, every one in real life or expert, Internet Marketer in the domestic or foreign cattle, are from the new one step up, no one will make money, born to his success. So, as a new person, do not feel that the future is bleak, feel very stupid, do not understand anything, must not make money. We must first correct attitude, if you want to join the Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, you don’t want to make quick money, don’t think a night you can learn all the knowledge, do not think for a class, buy a bunch of data, or master chat for hours. read more

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DoNowDon ‘t an electricity supplier website that benefits from lovers who break upSeveral business

, the company’s growth path, is that it has been providing instant service, which has grown since about a year ago and is now about 25% of the diamond trade. For those who do not want to do list, do not want to wait for the sale this may take several months or even a year of the consumers, "IDoNowIDon ‘t" now offers to buy things and sell jewelry wholesalers and retailers the opportunity, as long as holding inventory and for a long enough time to test it, Opperman said.

"We’ve got a lot of global survey data, but we can’t handle them right now," says read more

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