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How did get Baidu through SEO

first statement, I first do SEO, so this article belongs to the rookie, not only to share experience, experience, professional and welcome Paizhuan!

network network is a web site the author comments and recommendations for launch in April 1st, her purpose is to work through the three aspects of the review site to share experiences and seek development ", lets the small webmaster can grow in mutual aid, in the discussion got their site problems and the way forward, let the Internet community can enter a virtuous cycle of survival and development of small and medium-sized webmaster. The hands of a self think it is good to ww.sitedetail.com meters, so trying to how to take the site name? Site location is website comments, but do not want to directly call the website comment, later led to no brand operation. I had a brainstorm with a partner, suddenly thought of the word "net net", "net net" is intended to comment website: "the website also contains review website, webmaster comment on each other", and "dot" the word itself is the site meaning, can think the future will be the network outlets set a site. read more

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Looking at the evolution of website interactive advertising from the major portals

some time ago, every door has undergone a revision, which is regarded as a collective transformation of the media format of the portal. YAHOO launched its new home page, introducing a new era of social platform like Facebook style. And Sina also carried out in 1998 since its establishment in, 15 years since a major revision, open up Sina and Sina, micro-blog platform, and further innovation interactive advertising.

With the rise of

social media and the arrival of big data era, new media has become a myth. "First financial weekly" even made two special articles to discuss the invasion of new technology to traditional advertising industry. "Harvard Business Review" and even shouted "traditional advertising is dead", many new media advertising touted our hand, on the other hand completely with those of traditional media completely break, this seems to be a lot of new media advertising people the usual position. read more

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How to find the webmaster soft writing inspiration

soft text promotion for the site brought unexpected returns. Because soft Wen in various websites have positive significance and extraordinary role, which led to many webmaster are through soft writing to improve the popularity of the site. Webmaster every day to soft Wen creation, but, each person’s resources are limited. If we can not find a long-term path, it will soon wither. Because our own belly of the ink is sucked, can not think of good things. So, what are the ways we can solve this problem? I share my experience in this respect. I hope you can help. read more

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A painful lesson for Mamy Poko to change rice

Mamy Poko

has just started doing it, because there is no thought of a good domain name, use the 71020.com domain name, but also wrote an article "share my site PR from 0 to 3 of the experience, the address is http://s.admin5.com/article/20100407/222118.shtml, many webmaster friends seeking sites have a good PR value, crazy to find the chain, buy the chain, black chain and so on, as long as you do not know the structure of your site’s internal processing as well can have a good PR value. read more

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Actual combat analysis of how to build local classified information website

first I do not place the website, so accumulated today I do local information classification site for only 10 months, is also in this short period of time, I experienced the exploration, through a variety of large and small business experience, learned a lot of experience. I was done before the local forum, and that did almost a few months time to do the first Baidu, of course, many places long tail keywords are on the first page. To do this a new field, start is the choice of classification information also draws on the forum operation experience, in order to make a local website have a good income, I will gather a lot of popularity, but also the need to conduct industry classification of the local traffic, and then find businesses, realize the concept of income. Today, we will talk about your own local classification information website experience. read more

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B2C BBS detailed shopex and discuz integration tutorial

ShopEx is the highest market share of online software, Discuz is the world’s most mature, the coverage rate of one of the largest forum software system, at present more and more sites to the direction of B2C+BBS, some have been running the station the effect is very good, the fusion of these two different sites sharing system brought us a lot of convenience, function is also very strong, although the official has related tutorial shows, but very little, but due to the escalating program caused by the interface change, according to the official tutorial for beginners also spend a lot of time, I this several days when the test also have big trouble, so today to write out their operation. The reference for this tutorial for ShopEx 4.85+Dscuz X2. if the operation method is better and more convenient, and we hope to exchange. If there is a domain name for the www.test.com site, you need to open sub domain name www.bbs.test.com as a forum under the website. First of all, explain the opening process of the two domain name: read more

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Construction and management of marketing team


team is the most popular form of collaboration between organizations and groups. Its essence is communication, division of labor, cooperation, common progress, in order to form a clear and effective team. Due to the integration of various industries Chinese market, industry group company established in the country are branch sales and marketing center, the construction and management of the sales team has become a common concern. At present, due to the particularity and the marketing work of sales team construction team did not perform well, the regional market to work, or stay in "alone" level, the team lost its meaning, and even the 1 + 1< 2. It is a great honor for me to participate in the construction of two marketing centers during the work of Kelon. I compare the core of the team, the content and process of the construction, the way of work and the result. I have a deeper understanding of the team. A good team, it should have at least 3 conditions: 1, excellent core; 2, perfect system; 3, team culture. Now, let’s share my understanding of "marketing team building and management". read more

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Before making money do your self reflection before making a site

;       the first: make a profitable local station on these strokes

second: do not have these tricks, really Kung Fu do local sites, you do not expect to make money

third: don’t think good vision is no good place to make money do


fourth article: do make money site, there is no good physical and spiritual, fight easily "abort"

fifth article: want to make money place, website won’t pack, also die fast,

              wrote a few articles about the local sites articles in front of me, I finished in fifth, left a QQ of my own, and I have a lot of friends to communicate, to ask the questions: This is basically read more

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Grassroots webmaster how to face reality

what’s the most popular station now? QQ station. QQ station on the Internet, a grasp of a lot, an article can be copied tens of thousands of times, an outdated code can be touted as "the most stunning new free QQ code". QQ station, ready, large flow, make more money; can the vast majority of webmaster, such as me, are hard to support.

8.11 at the end of the station building, the QQ code to buy a domain name, buy a stable network host, download the PHP168 source code, can send the article, write text, link, promotion, repeat all webmaster in repeat things. read more

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How to do nternet marketing in beverage industry

beverage market is in the Warring States period of contention of a hundred schools of thought of carbonated drinks, water, soft drinks, juice drinks, tea drinks, functional beverages such as gexianshentong. Moreover, health card become the flagship enterprise brand, fight water, nutrition, health than than the bright younger generation are not resigned to playing second fiddle. How to get a space for one person in the horse? Many brands aimed at network marketing, because enterprises should not only sell taste, nutrition drinks, but also sell a kind of spiritual culture, in order to get consumers to a deeper level of brand identity for enduring. How does the beverage industry do online marketing, read more

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