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Diana Shipping Charters Bulker Trio at Higher Rates

first_imgzoom Athens-based shipping firm Diana Shipping has secured charter contracts for three of its dry bulk vessels, the MV Medusa, MV Artemis and MV Thetis.The Kamsarmax Medusa was charter by Geneva-based Cargill International at a gross charter rate of USD 10,000 per day. The 82,194 dwt bulker,. which was hired for a period of twelve to fifteen months, started working under the new contract on July 6, 2017.Built in 2010, Medusa was previously chartered to Geneva’s Quadra Commodities at a rate of USD 6,300 per day.Diana Shipping’s further two Panamax dry bulkers were hired by Hong Kong-based Ausca Shipping Limited, also at higher rates.Namely, the company’s dry bulk vessel Artemis started working for Ausca Shipping on July 8 for a gross charter rate of USD 9,000 per day. The 76,942 dwt ship’s deal runs for a period of twelve to fifteen months. Earlier, the 2006-built vessel was earning a gross charter rate of USD 5,350 per day under a deal with Geneva’s Bunge.Thetis, the second ship chartered by Ausca Shipping, is scheduled to start working under the new contract on July 12. Under the deal, the 2004-built ship will earn a gross charter rate of USD 8,350 per day for a period of twelve to fifteen months. The 73,583 dwt Thetis is currently chartered to Transgrain Shipping from Rotterdam at a rate of USD 5,150 per day.Diana Shipping informed that the employments of the three bulkers are expected to generate around USD 9.85 million of gross revenue for the minimum scheduled period of the time charters.last_img read more

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Recreational Fishing Advisory Council Meetings to Be Held

first_imgNova Scotia anglers are invited to discuss angling regulations and provide input on sportfishing issues in their area at meetings throughout the province in November and December. Chris d’Entremont, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, announced the Recreational Fishing Advisory Council meetings today, Nov. 17. The meetings are open to the public and give representatives from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries an opportunity to share information on research, fish stocking programs, education and extension programs, and discuss regulatory issues. “We continue to monitor the health of our sport fishery,” said Mr. d’Entremont. “Through our assessment of the fishery, combined with valuable input from anglers, we develop and change regulations which conserve, enhance, protect and in some cases, provide increased sportfishing opportunities for Nova Scotia anglers.” There will be six Recreational Fishing Advisory Council meetings and all will take place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 24Cape Breton (includes Cape Breton, Inverness, Victoria, and Richmond counties)Mariner C Room, Delta Sydney Hotel, 300 Esplanade St., Sydney Tuesday, Nov. 29Central Nova Scotia (includes Halifax and Lunenburg counties)Ralston Room, Park Place Ramada Plaza Hotel, 240 Brownlow Ave., Dartmouth Wednesday, Nov. 30Southern Nova Scotia (includes Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne, and Queens counties)Digby East Fish and Game Association, Hillgrove Road, Digby Thursday, Dec. 1Western Nova Scotia (includes Annapolis, Kings and Hants counties)Room 224, Kings Tech Campus, 236 Belcher St., Kentville Tuesday, Dec. 6Eastern Nova Scotia (includes Antigonish, Pictou, and Guysborough counties)Nova Scotia Museum of Industry auditorium, 147 North Foord St., Stellarton Wednesday, Dec. 7Northern Nova Scotia (includes Cumberland and Colchester counties)Howard Johnson Hotel and Convention Centre, 437 Prince St., TruroNote: this meeting is being held in conjunction with the Cobequid Salmon Association monthly meeting. Additional information on angling and meeting dates can be found on the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website at or by calling 902-485-5056.last_img read more

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Government Surplus Auction

first_imgOnce again the Nova Scotia government is bringing the hammer down on a roomful of bargains tailor-made for auction fans. Four-wheel drive vehicles, office furniture, lawn maintenance tools, woodworking equipment, and welding gear are among the items that will be auctioned off at a government surplus auction on Saturday, Dec. 3. The auction will be held at the Department of Transportation and Public Works’ warehouse at 10 Acadia St. in Dartmouth at 10 a.m. The items can be viewed between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. The auction will be conducted by A&A Auctioneering. Payment must be made by cash or auctioneer-approved cheque. Credit cards or debit cards will not be accepted. A link to an updated list, with photos, is posted on the front page of the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Public Works’ website at . Money earned in this auction is used to pay down the provincial debt.last_img read more

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Bluenose II Promotes Nova Scotia

first_imgThe Bluenose II arrived in Norfolk, VA this week for the 30th annual Norfolk Harborfest beginning today, June 9. It is one of many ports of call the schooner will make to promote Nova Scotia’s marine heritage and tourism opportunities. “The original Bluenose raced many American ships off New England’s coast and the good-hearted rivalry between neighbours is part of our connection to this important tourism market,” said Kelliann Dean, deputy minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage. “The Bluenose II helps us promote Nova Scotia’s seacoast culture and experiences tourists can have here.” During the three-day event in Norfolk, the ship will open for tours and join other vessels, including numerous tall ships, in a parade of sail. The Bluenose II sailing schedule is designed to help promote Nova Scotia in key tourism markets. The ship is carrying provincial tourism materials such as the Doers and Dreamers Guide to share with potential tourists. “With the Bluenose II, we’re bringing Nova Scotia into the New England market now so it’s fresh in people’s minds as they make travel plans to follow us back for a visit later in the summer and fall,” said Wayne Walters, director of operations for the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society which operates the vessel. “What better way to promote the province than with a national icon.” Nova Scotia’s sailing ambassador will spend June making ports of call in New England. It will return to Nova Scotia for most of the remaining season, ending in Lunenburg on Sept. 30. Landlubbers can go online and follow the Bluenose II’s adventures as it sails from port to port. The schooner’s sailing schedule and Capt. Phil Watson’s log are both available at .last_img read more

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Cancer Awareness Month a Time to Recognize Caregivers

first_imgWith Cancer Awareness Month underway, I would like to take the opportunity to thank those Nova Scotians who take care of patients suffering from the effects of cancer. Regrettably, cancer touches almost everyone in Nova Scotia — a family member, a neighbour, a friend or a colleague. The statistics found in Understanding Cancer in Nova Scotia, complied by our dedicated partners at Cancer Care Nova Scotia, confirm the high prevalence rates in our province. About one in 34 Nova Scotians are living with invasive cancer, and we expect the incidence to rise substantially as baby boomers age. For that reason, your government is working closely with clinicians and cancer support agencies to invest more time and energy to ease the burden of cancer on Nova Scotia families. We can do our part by investing in this priority area and making policy decisions to prevent certain cancers. That’s why we have made several important funding decisions recently that I believe will assist those who are treating patients. Certainly the most historic step our government took was to set a Wait Time Guarantee for those patients needing radiation therapy now, and in the future. About half of the people who are diagnosed with cancer require radiation, so it’s a service we know will have to increase in the years ahead. Some people have tried to downplay the significance by saying it is too slow or doesn’t go far enough. That’s a very narrow view of what is a significant policy shift in this province that will help thousands of people in the years ahead, not just today’s patients. The Wait Time Guarantee pledges that everyone must get radiation treatment within eight weeks of being referred, or be given another option by 2010. This is the absolute minimum I will accept. Ideally, I want all patients to receive treatment within four weeks of referral as we strive to meet the national benchmark set by provincial health ministers in 2005. Our new agreement with the federal government, the first of its kind in Canada, will mean that we now have $24.2 million to invest in radiation equipment like new linear accelerator machines that are used to give patients treatment. Tapping into this money is good planning and it also gives Nova Scotia some of the additional resources we need to make the national benchmark as fast as we can. We’ve also made other new investments in cancer that will benefit Nova Scotians. Your government approved funding for three more medical oncologists in the province. We have just given $1 million to start a new medical oncology satellite in Kentville and to expand satellite medical oncology services for patients living in Inverness, Antigonish, New Glasgow and Yarmouth. This will help make it easier for rural patients to receive care closer to home and cut down the number of visits they will have to make to our provincial cancer centres in Halifax and Sydney. Having met with several cancer patients in the past few months, I can only imagine what a stressful time it is for them.That’s why your government must also invest health dollars to prevent cancer. There was promising news in Understanding Cancer in Nova Scotia. We know we are seeing some gains by screening for breast cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women. Incidents have declined 13.5 per cent since 1998. I believe that we can repeat that success. In our budget introduced last month, we committed $300,000 to start working on a population-based colorectal cancer screening program for Nova Scotians ages 50 to 74. We have the second highest rate of colorectal cancers diagnosed in the country with about 750 Nova Scotians diagnosed each year. We’ve accepted advice from Cancer Care Nova Scotia and, this fall, will recruit a leader to start the complex endeavour of building a program for patients in conjunction with our district health authorities. I am confident as we devote more focus and energy to cancer that there are many reasons to be optimistic. -30-last_img read more

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Province Seeks Input on Canadas Retirement Income Plan

first_imgThe Department of Finance is seeking feedback from Nova Scotians and interested groups on ways to strengthen Canada’s retirement income system for future retirees. People are encouraged to share their views by responding to a consultation paper posted on the Department of Finance website at . “It is important that Nova Scotians are saving enough now for a secure future,” said Finance Minister Graham Steele. “We are working with our federal, provincial and territorial counterparts to look at ways to ensure people’s financial security during retirement. This is another way we are working to make life better for Nova Scotians.” To participate, visit to view the consultation paper. Responses must be submitted by Sept. 17, by e-mail to , or by mail to Department of Finance, c/o Crown Agencies and Corporations, Provincial Building, 1723 Hollis St., Halifax, N.S., B3J 1V9.last_img read more

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Funding Announced for SydneyGlace Bay Multiuse Path

first_imgGovernment is supporting a sustainable transportation project to help build a paved multi-use path to connect residents, educational institutions, and businesses in the Sydney and Glace Bay areas. Energy Minister Andrew Younger announced today, Sept. 23, that government will provide $150,000 to Cape Breton Regional Municipality to complete about two kilometres of the proposed 10-kilometre Grand Lake Road Multi-use Path. “We’re pleased to be a part of this ambitious project,” said Mr. Younger. “This corridor will provide thousands of residents in the Sydney and Glace Bay area with more sustainable and active transportation options in their community.” The path will connect the residential areas of Sydney and Glace Bay to the Mayflower Mall, Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia Community College Marconi Campus, and the Douglas McCurdy airport. The three-metre-wide path will run along Grand Lake Road, providing safer and more accessible travel for cyclists, pedestrians and members of the university, college and business communities. “The Grand Lake Multi-use Path is the centerpiece of Cape Breton Regional Municipality’s Active Transportation Plan,” said Cecil Clarke, mayor of Cape Breton Regional Municipality. “We are pleased to receive support from the Department of Energy, which will allow us to continue work on the path.” In June, the Department of Health and Wellness provided $73,000 to the project under its Recreation Facility Development Program. In 2013, government also provided $124,750 to the project to begin work on a 600-metre section of the path.last_img read more

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Putting the world at risk

first_imgIt is clear that women do not have a right over their bodies. The move in Alabama to ban all abortions, except in case where the pregnancy is a risk to the mothers’ health proves this. The bill criminalises the procedure, making abortion punishable by up to 99 years in prison for doctors. The legislation — Alabama Human Life Protection Act — is not relaxed even for women who become pregnant due to rape or incest. The Bill was proposed by Republican Terri Collins, a woman, who believes that this is about protecting “the lives of the unborn because an unborn baby is a person who deserves love and protection”. Also Read – A staunch allyThe Bill was supported by more than 20 male senators in a state, where according to the US Census projections for 2019 women make up 51.5 per cent of the population. Unfortunately, Alabama is not alone in favoring anti-abortion laws. A few days ago, Georgia signed the “Foetal Heartbeat” Bill that prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is detected in an embryo. This happens after five to six weeks of pregnancy, when the woman is not even likely to be aware that she is pregnant. Also Read – Cuban pathosAlabama is the sixth state to pass such a law and nine more states have introduced similar bills. At the centre of all this is a decision by the Supreme Court of 1973 which put down that women have a right to abortion without interference by the states. These state laws do not have an impact immediately but they are setting the stage for overturning the Supreme Court order. According to the website of American Civil Liberties Union, a pro right non-profit, since 2011, states have enacted more restrictions to abortion than they did in the previous 10 years combined. Extremist politicians continue to work to shut down women’s health centers, cut off access to affordable birth control, and shame women who have abortions, it says. However, globally it has been observed and proved that restrictive abortion laws lead to unsafe abortions which put women’s health at risk. Such laws also lead to higher levels of maternal mortality and increase inequality as safe abortions become available only to the rich who can travel out of the state or the country. Poor women, who are more likely to have unwanted pregnancies are literally left holding the baby. Abortion is legal in India till 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, for long India too has been held hostage by funding agencies to restrict abortions. In 2017, US President Donald Trump barred funds to be given to any group that promotes abortion. The ideology existed even in 1984, during Ronald Reagan’s regime and was called the Mexico City Policy. Under this, any non-governmental organisation that has received funds from the US is barred from providing women or couples with family planning information, including access to abortion. “This global policy is a direct reflection of the decades-old political battle surrounding abortion in the United States. It is an example of US imperialism, in the way the government ties its foreign aid to domestic political controversies,” writes Ruth Macklin, professor emerita at the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in a paper published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics in April 2019. Since 1984, every US government administration headed by a president from the Republican Party has followed the policy. Every administration headed by a president from the Democratic Party has annulled it. (The author is Associate Editor, Down To Earth. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

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My enemies keep exposing themselves

first_imgMumbai: Kangana Ranaut says rather than her working to expose people, it is her enemies who keep doing the job for the actor. Over the years, the actor has publicly called out prominent people from Bollywood, including Karan Johar, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt among others, over issues ranging from nepotism to lack of political temperament. Kangana has also been in a widely reported public spat with actor Hrithik Roshan. Asked if she would be exposing more people, the actor said she has a different take on it. Also Read – Rihanna to release 500-page ‘visual’ autobiography”It isn’t that I expose anyone, sometimes people expose themselves casually. I keep it very light, I talk about common sense,” Kangana said. In 2016, Kangana and Hrithik slapped each other with legal notices. Kangana claimed they had a relationship and he had promised to marry her. Hrithik, however, denied it and said they were just work colleagues and also demanded a public apology from the Queen star. Kangana said the phase between 2016-2017 was when she was shamed and called mentally unstable. Also Read – Hilarie Burton, Jeffery Dean Morgan tie the knotThe actor said although she related to the film but doesn’t take being called unstable as a compliment or humiliation. “I neither take it as a compliment or humiliation if people think of me as Jhansi ki Rani or Mental, or Tanu or Datto,” she added, citing characters from her films. Kangana said when she left her house to make a mark in Bollywood, the only thing she had was faith. Directed by Prakash Kovelamudi, her film Judgementall Hai Kya is scheduled to be released on July 26.last_img read more

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first_imgI have been loving a man since many years but he never reciprocated and loved me. I’m very upset. Please help.R. Guha, West Bengal It is time to recognize all the doubled-sided loves in your life. One-sided love can leave you feeling pretty bad. It also makes us forget that love comes in so many forms, and we’ve got a lot of things and people in our lives who love us just as much back. It’s easy to let yourself feel alone when romantic love isn’t reciprocated, but friend-love and family-love are constant and powerful. Whether it’s music, cooking, religion, the arts – find those things and spend time with them. You’ll begin to feel like yourself again and realize just how loveable you truly are. Also Read – Feel what you fear After 8 years of marriage, my wife is in a relationship and has left me. Can you help me identify the reason why she did this? Ashmit, New Delhi We marry because we are in love, and we fall in love with those who meet our most important requirement – emotional need. When the one we marry stops meeting those emotional need, we tend to become vulnerable to others who are willing and able to meet them. If we let someone else meet our needs, we fall in love with that person, and an affair. Once an affair begins, it is like an addiction. The same emotional attachment that drew you and your spouse into marriage is now directed to someone else. So, time shall say the future. Don’t worry, all will happen for the best. Also Read – HomecomingMy partner has been a compulsive flirt. Though he has improved yet I don’t know what I should do. Please guide. Name Withheld Any kind of compulsive behavior including flirting is exceedingly difficult to change. Your partner’s heart may be in the right place but they may from time to time lapse into their earlier behavior. On the other hand, even though they may not be able to completely let go of their gregarious nature, they may be eager to show their love and commitment to you in many more ways than before. Living with a flirtatious partner can either be extremely stressful or a matter of minor adjustments, depending ultimately on your own personality and how you can handle it. I’m 39, I think I feel angry all the time. However much I try, I know that I’m not feeling good. Can you help? D. Kriplani, Noida If you are always angry, it’s important to try and figure out the cause, so that it doesn’t stay a problem. We’re hardly ever ‘just’ angry – it’s usually a reaction to feeling hurt, upset, disappointed, confused, afraid etc. Try and work out if any of these causes apply to your own anger – it may help to talk it through with a good friend or family member. Then you can work on strategies to solve the problem, or cope with what is happening. If your anger is impacting your day to day life, or the reasons that you are angry are particularly complicated, it could be really useful to talk to an expert, like a counsellor. They can help you process all your feelings about what’s going on. Good luck and be happy, less angry. (Send your questions to read more

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Just a rhetoric

first_imgIndia is witnessing a sharp decline in population growth, according to Economic Survey 2018-19, which was tabled in the Parliament on July 4, 2019. A week later, a parliamentarian pushed a private bill for punitive action against those who have more than two children. Clearly unaware of the facts highlighted by the Economic Survey, BJP MP Rakesh Sinha stoked a controversy with the introduction of Population Regulation Bill, 2019. It was introduced on July 12, 2019, and the suggested punitive actions it called for included disqualification from being an elected representative, denial of financial benefits and also reducing benefits under Public Distribution System (PDS). According to the Bill, government employees would have been asked to give an undertaking that they would not procreate more than twice. Also Read – A special kind of bondBut the fact is something entirely different. India is moving towards replacement growth rate rapidly and very soon the population is going to stabilise. The annual population growth rate reduced to around 1.3 per cent in 2011-16 from 2.5 per cent during 1971-81. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Maharashtra, Assam and many other states have already managed to bring their growth to replacement rate. And states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana, which were lagging behind, will rapidly move towards achieving the replacement level, which is 2.1. Also Read – Insider threat management”India is set to witness a sharp slowdown in population growth in the next two decades. Population in the 0-19 age bracket has already peaked due to sharp decline in total fertility rates (TFR) across the country,” according to the survey. Replacement rate can be defined as the amount of fertility needed to keep the population the same from generation to generation. It refers to the total fertility rate that will result in a stable population without it increasing or decreasing. Moreover, 24 states including Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab and southern states have achieved fertility rates well below the replacement rate. Other states are also moving in the same direction and, as a result, the national TFR is expected to be below replacement level by 2021, the survey highlighted. But, not a single state out of all 24 that have achieved the replacement level TFR of 2.1 has used any coercive methods. It has been achieved by empowering women and providing better education and health care facilities, said Poonam Muttreja, Executive Director of Population Foundation of India (PFI). So instead of demanding coercive methods, Sinha should ask the government to take positive steps that are more inclusive and fulfil the unmet need for contraceptives and services. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-IV), around 13 per cent of currently married women under the age bracket of 15 to 49 years don’t get support for family planning. This translates to around 30 million women, added Muttreja. The crisis gets compounded when the government’s approach is considered. The family planning component receives merely four per cent of the total budget allocated for National Health Mission’s Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) flexi pool. Around 40 per cent of the total funds made available for family planning in 2016-17 were not even spent. This shows that the government is not keen to move in the right direction when it comes to family planning or population control, or the Rajya Sabha MP is just not aware of the available facts. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

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Prasad tells WhatsApp to ensure mechanism to trace rogue messages

first_imgNew Delhi: The government on Friday told WhatsApp to develop a mechanism to trace origin of messages when the app is found to be abused by terrorists and extremists, and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asserted that the platform has assured prompt action in such cases.”On the issue of traceability, I have conveyed to them traceability shall be their job. But in the event WhatsApp platform is sought to be abused by rogue (elements), terrorists and extremist elements by repeating, recirculation of messages, then there must be a mechanism where those could be traced to enforce law and order, safety and security of the country,” Prasad said after meeting WhatsApp Global Head Will Cathcart. The meeting comes at a time when the messaging platform faces pressure from India to bring in traceability of fake message originators. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”This I have told them clearly, the mechanism shall be developed by them. And request for that will also come from appropriately high level so that there is no tinkering in between,” Prasad said. Prasad said the WhatsApp head has assured action in these matters. Post the meeting with the minister, Cathcart said WhatsApp has reiterated its support for encryption and how important it is for the product. The company is focussed on making changes to its product to deal with virality like forward limits that it had set on its messages, he added. “We talked about the work we are doing to cooperate with law enforcement, put in place training…,” he said.last_img read more

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DTC cancels DelhiLahore bus service after Pak suspends it

first_imgNEW DELHI: DTC on Monday cancelled the Delhi-Lahore bus service as Pakistan has decided to discontinue it in the wake of India revoking J&K’s special status, said a senior official from the public transporter. On Saturday, a senior Pakistani minister had announced to suspend the friendship bus service from Monday.A Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus was scheduled to leave for Lahore on Monday at 6 am. However, it did not leave due to the Pakistan’s decision to suspend the bus service, the official said. “Consequent to Pakistan’s decision to suspend the Delhi-Lahore bus service, DTC is not able to send bus (from Delhi to Lahore) from August 12,” said a statement from DTC. Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) had on Saturday also telephonically informed the DTC about suspension of the service from Monday. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe last bus for Lahore left Delhi on Saturday morning carrying two passengers while the return bus from the other side reached the national capital carrying 19 passengers in the evening of the same day. The bus service did not operate on Sunday. The Delhi-Lahore bus service was first started in February 1999 but suspended after 2001 Parliament attack. It was restarted in July 2003. The bus service was first started in February 1999 but suspended after 2001 Parliament attack. It was restarted in July 2003. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsIt had, however, continued with a depleted number of passengers even when bilateral relations between the two countries had worsened following the Pulwama terrorist attack and Balakot surgical strikes in February this year. The Lahore-Delhi bus service is operated from Ambedkar Stadium terminal near Delhi Gate. DTC buses ply every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and PTDC buses every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, from Delhi to Lahore. For the return trip, DTC buses leave Lahore every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday whereas the PTDC buses are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The number of people travelling between India and Pakistan has also decreased over the years. A total of 54,559 people had entered India via the Attari-Wagah road link in 2014-15 and 51,213 went to Pakistan the same year. The number of passengers coming from Pakistan reduced to 37,020 in 2018-19, while 40,386 went to Pakistan the same year. The development comes a day after Indian Railways on Sunday suspended Samjhauta Express from its side, which was scheduled to leave on Sunday. Islamabad had on Thursday suspended the bi-weekly Samjhauta train service connecting Lahore and Delhi as part of downgrading of diplomatic ties with India in response to the scrapping special status to Jammu & Kashmir.last_img read more

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MP sprinter eyes to break Bolts record if properly trained

first_imgBhopal: Rameshwar Gurjar, the 19-year-old runner from Madhya Pradesh, whose video went viral on social las week in which he is seen completing a 100-metre lap in “11 seconds”, has expressed optimism of breaking Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt’s world record if he gets proper training. In the video, Gurjar, who comes from a farmers’ family in Narwar village of Shivpuri district, was seen running barefoot. After watching the video, state Sports Minister Jitu Patwari had invited him to Bhopal last week. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over Chandigarh Gurjar came to Bhopal on Saturday and met the minister. Talking to reporters after the meeting, Gurjar said, “Usain Bolt made a world record of 9.58 seconds for the 100 metres race. I am hopeful of breaking it after getting facilities and proper training.” Gurjar also said that he has been practising 100 metres run for the past six months, after making a failed attempt to join the Army as he could not fulfil the minimum height requirement. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced later “I was completing 100-metre race in little over 12 seconds (earlier), but brought down the time to 11 seconds after practising for six months,” he said, adding that he had to face physical problems due to poor diet. Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju had on Saturday assured support to Rameshwar Gurjar. On Friday, BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan had taken to Twitter to share Gurjar’s video. While tagging Rijiju, Chouhan had tweeted, “India is blessed with talented individuals. Provided with right opportunity & right platform, they’ll come out with flying colours to create history! Urge @IndiaSports Min.@KirenRijiju ji to extend support to this aspiring athlete to advance his skills!” In his reply, Rijiju had tweeted, “Pls ask someone to bring him to me @ChouhanShivraj ji. I’ll arrange to put him at an athletic academy.” Gurjar is expected to give a trial and tests at the MP State Sports Academy during his stay in Bhopal. MP sports minister Patwari assured training and other facilities to him. “The rural talent will be selected through state Olympics and they will be provided all essential facilities in the Sports Academy. Apart from this, players will be identified through sports competitions in schools in coordination with the School Education Department,” Patwari said. Gurjar has studied up to Class 10 and could not go to college due to his family’s weak financial condition. The current men’s world record in the 100-metre race is 9.58 seconds, set by Usain Bolt in 2009. The national record is 10.26 seconds, set by Amia Kumar Malik in 2016, as per the Athletics Federation of India website.last_img read more

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Dwindling fortunes of Bristol Hotel Gurugrams 1st 5star property

first_imgGurugram: Situated in one of the most central areas of the city, the news of Rs 150 crore Bristol hotel resulted in a large number of citizens enquiring of what had happened. From the time it became operational in 1998, Bristol hotel was a go-to place for the residents at a time when the nightlife of the city had not fully developed.Even though it was widely acknowledged that the hotel belonged to former Chief Minister Bhajan Lal, it never faced much of problems even though there have been rumours that various illegal activities occurring at the hotel. Of late, the hotel had begun incurring heavy losses due to the competition from other hotel brands and the commercial malls that also took away the business of it neighbouring Edmonton Mall. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderAccording to sources, the land of the hotel that is spread at the area of three acres is situated at the junction of Gurugram Faridabad Road and MG Road. Interestingly one of the most famous structures that had come up in the area, the area where the hotel is situated is also known as Bristol Chowk. Having lost out to its peers in the business of selling room, the management of the hotel had begun to position its hotel for various banquet functions and conventions. According to employees even though there was a substantial business that was coming in it was still not enough for the hotel operations to be in the green. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings”With the opening of the major hotel brands in the city, we had incurred a lot of losses but we were relying on the set of the loyal customers who had been there for us more than 20 years. We are one of the first hotels that began functioning in 1998. Moreover, the Edmonton Mall that is situated alongside it also had a lot of commercial units much before the malls came in,” said one of the employees who also expressed fear about his future following the attachment of the hotel.last_img read more

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Bihar court awards life imprisonment to man for killing pregnant wife

first_imgSimdega (Jharkhand): A Simdega court has sentenced a 38-year-old man to life imprisonment for killing his pregnant wife last year. Principal District Judge, Kumar Kamal, awarded life imprisonment to Birsu Lohara on Tuesday after convicting him in the case. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on him, Public Prosecutor Mahendra Singh said. In case the convict failed to deposit the money then he would have to undergo further imprisonment for six months, Singh said. Lohara had hit his 35-year-old wife with a stick and killed her following a fight at their home at Tutikel-Kumahartoli village. The public prosecutor, who produced seven witnesses during the trial, said that Lohara also confessed to the crime during interrogation. The court directed the District Legal Services Authority to take initiatives to help Lohara’s four children.last_img read more

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State declares sectional holiday for Karam Puja on September 9

first_imgKolkata: The Mamata Banerjee government has declared a ‘sectional holiday’ on September 9, on the occasion of Karam Puja, an agricultural festival of tribals. The government employees of tribal communities would enjoy a paid holiday on this day so that they can participate in the festival. “The Governor is pleased to declare September 9 as a sectional holiday on occasion of ‘Karam Puja’ for the employees belonging to tribal communities employed in state government offices, local bodies, statutory bodies, boards, corporations and undertakings controlled or owned by the state government and in educational institutions and other offices/institutions under the control of the state government, as well as for the employees in tea gardens all over the state,” read a notification issued by the state government.last_img read more

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Banks merger reflects govt resolve to address economic slowdown India Inc

first_imgNew Delhi: The government’s move to consolidate public sector banks indicates its resolve to address the slowdown in GDP growth, as the country’s economy expanded at its weakest pace in over six years in the April-June quarter of 2019-20, industry said on Friday. “Well this certainly ruined my Friday & will dampen the weekend. A lot of work to be done. But I remain steadfastly optimistic. Was pleased to see the bank consolidation announced by @nsitharaman. A ‘reform a week’ is just the kind of tonic we need…,” Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra tweeted. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalNow, with the government and the Reserve Bank having common prescription, the economy should bottom out soon and things should improve in the coming quarters, Assocham President B K Goenka said. Goenka said these mergers would result in better banking to customers, more credit to the industry and agriculture, professional governance structure and a greater autonomy and accountability of the bank boards. Commenting on the consolidation exercise, Ficci President Sandip Somany said the decision reflects the government’s commitment to provide the country the financial base on which we can grow and move towards the $ 5 trillion mark. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost”The pace of expansion of GDP and GVA in Q1 FY2020 was resoundingly lower than forecast, driven by a collapse in manufacturing GVA growth, even as the performance of most of the other sectors was largely along expected lines,” Aditi Nayar Principal Economist ICRA Ltd said. Ranen Banerjee, Leader- Public Finance and Economics, PwC India said while the situation may not be as bad given the headwinds the economy is facing, this will further dent sentiment and put downward pressure on consumption. Bank consolidation is a good move from government towards improving efficiency of the PSBs, Prakash Agarwal, Head-Financial Institutions, India Ratings and Research said.last_img read more

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RSS plans first major outreach to foreign press later this month

first_imgNew Delhi: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will interact with members of foreign press later this month, in first such outreach by the Sangh “to clear misconceptions” about the outfit and its ideology, sources said here.A Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) functionary, who is coordinating the meeting, said invitation is being extended to 70 foreign media organisations from various countries barring Pakistan. Sangh’s functionaries said the aim of the ‘briefing’ was to discuss the RSS’ views on various topics, as well as to address some “wrong narratives” about the organisation that have developed over the years. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”The main purpose of this meeting is to clear misconceptions about the Sangh and its ideology,” another Sangh functionary said, adding “it will be an off-camera briefing by Bhagwat and will not be for reporting”. According to the sources, it is a first of its kind interaction with the foreign press by the RSS, ideological parent of the ruling BJP. “The meeting will start with Bhagwat ji making opening remarks and it will be followed by a question and answer session with him,” said the functionary involved in the event. Sangh’s prachar vibhag (publicity department) is coordinating the meeting which will be held at the Ambedkar International Centre here.last_img read more

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Wood Buffalo National Park at risk of losing international heritage designation

first_imgOTTAWA – The country’s largest national park could be declared to be in danger by the UN’s World Heritage Committee if Canada doesn’t meet new deadlines next year to prove it is taking action to protect the park from development.In March, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization gave Canada 17 recommendations to help improve the status of the Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta.Now it has set a deadline of February 2018 for Canada to show its plan to meet those recommendations and another deadline of December 2018 to show progress on that plan.UNESCO experts, who visited the park last fall at the behest of First Nations, agreed with them that the park’s ecosystem was in jeopardy because of oil sands development, hydro dam construction and climate change impacts in the region.In a draft decision issued June 2, the World Heritage Committee expressed pleasure that Canada is taking most of the recommendations seriously but was dismayed that approval of the Site C dam project in British Columbia — which could affect water flows in the Peace Athabasca Delta within the park — won’t be revisited.The park was designated as a world heritage site in 1983; only a handful of UNESCO sites have ever been designated “in danger,” mainly because of government breakdown and war.last_img read more

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