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Analysis of how to promote a health care category website

The promotion of

consumer website, is a difficulty for many people, because everyone thinks on these things, and expensive and do not know how the quality of health care products? Especially, to talk about my personal promotion of effective understanding of the chain: containing the WWW web site, and indexed by SE ", this is the chain link. A lot of friends, a lot of released URL, but more than 90% pages are not included in SE, posting what are quickly identified as ads under these, in my opinion, do is useless. Through years of experience accumulation, I have to promote their own health Web site skills to share with you, master can skip oh. read more

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First site how to determine the theme of your website

today, the theme of the website more and more important factors in SEO, in order to allow search engines to better see your site is used to do what, your site must have a clear theme, elf SEO:

at the beginning of the site, you have to think about your idea

first, before doing so, you should think of your site is around what, not a good program to do a template to consider, if it is the first time to do the station, there are many situations, some existing ideas after the site, some people first is trying to wind here, elf tell you, the first station, you can ask yourself: read more

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A good way to use web sites to promote new sites

web site, presumably everyone will use the Internet is also often used, URL site included a lot of commonly used links to your website, but also a detailed classification of the site address. Many people will use the web site as the browser’s home page, so the URL of the station will be much larger than the average site, traffic is also very large. So we come through the website station to promote his station, from his huge flow is also very big. So we come through the website station to promote his station, from his huge flow in a cup of soup, is a very good promotion. read more

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Refuse suicide website construction should reflect the value and long term perspective

when the traditional marketing advantage is gone, search engine marketing is becoming more and more competitive. In order to enhance the effectiveness of network sales, and the construction of a beautiful web page, many companies are also working hard on the search engine. Search engine optimization is also in this context, the development of the raging fire, after all, relative to the unpredictable cost of bidding, the optimization of investment is relatively controllable. Through the promotion of website quality, improve website ranking this is understandable, and standard to enhance the quality of the web site and user experience search engine optimization, the major engines are sure and welcome. But unfortunately, now the website construction and website optimization seems to have come to an extreme, no cheating, not optimized short-sighted behavior, so that search engines and users quite helpless. This approach, although a short time can bring some benefits, but no doubt the grave. read more

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Way cattle Network Competition Law survival under the shadow of giants

titanium media note: cattle road network in May this year, after the listing of the United States, the stock price within two months from the issue price of $9 rose to $18, the market capitalization doubled. Tuniu throughout the development process, you will find that it always live in online travel three mountains under pressure, but has been around the core of leisure tourism, and the giant is not good at doing the tour with the group to achieve the ultimate. This kind of extreme, to a certain extent, helped the way cattle survive in the fierce competition, but also restricted the horizontal innovation of its business, making it a relatively small company. "Commercial value" reporter Liu Hongjun through interviews, comb out the way cattle Network in the shadow of giant survival path, summed up in four rules: read more

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Grassroots webmaster how to make your web site to bring you income

, let’s talk about your career as a webmaster. From 2008 January began to contact the webmaster this occupation, I remember the beginning because of his work in a decoration company, will have to build a local network decoration ideas, but had never contacted the website knowledge related in Baidu constantly search content, slowly found DZ the product, with DZ built a decoration Forum, not because of the promotion optimization, forum traffic is always kept at about 20IP. At that time, the forum is not good to promote (in fact, they do not know how to promote), and learning to use phpcms, built a decorative network of the main station, but 2 months after the flow is still very poor, and eventually gave up the site. read more

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Ji Xinzhi how do grassroots webmaster keep pace with the times

I am a right and proper grassroots webmaster, do not for grassroots is the pursuit of interests, the interests of the owners going in the wrong direction, but also lose more opportunities and resources. I think the webmaster want "immortal", "immortal" is generally used for a great man as a webmaster why need for this spirit? There is only one answer, to serve the people, only the Internet to help the public have the meaning of existence. Let me define the Internet, I will be defined as a tool, but this tool is mainly used to pass information to the user channel, forming a mode of transmission of a point of each other after another up, so most network marketing means are the foundation for this mode of transmission of. read more

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8 suggestions for SEO optimization of CMS system

recently, the whole rogue WORDPRESS blog, but I do not feel enough HI, ha ha, simply on the next CMS template, modify their own, more of their own needs, custom templates, and then began to optimize!


due to the increasing number of webmaster card is to use the CMS system, because he is very suitable for optimization, and the user experience is good, the engine is love! Here is a rogue and share with everyone under the optimization method for me! I hope all of you help!

1, new station system should be static processing. read more

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Personal Webmaster how to build your own nternet brand

‘s famous Aaron Wall published a post in his blog entitled "Google new algorithm gives a lot of weight to the brand."".

gives more weight to big brands, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt has given some hints. Last October, Eric Schmidt in an industry conference, is the presence of journalists and the magazine executives said, the Internet is flooded with false information into the sewage pit, and the brand is to judge the content of trust is more and more important signal. Brand is the solution, is to solve the sewage pit in the direction. read more

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My film station theme positioning experience sharing

, the last article, talk about the movie station operation "preliminary preparation" chapter, and then share with you my film station theme positioning.

now the movie stations everywhere, free program is very much, what’s more, a lot of business with program ten minutes to build a tens of thousands of movie film station, movie station is more and more low threshold, a space, a domain name, a more than 10000 film movie station is generated, there are now many webmaster, every day spent only ten minutes or so, collecting the latest movie back then waiting for traffic to slowly rise, many owners often talk in the post, I asked why the movie station did a year ago, IP or less please carefully, think, there are so many movies, now, there are so many of the same content, in order to get the special attention of Baidu in so many movies. Like to buy lottery tickets in 500 in case of sample. read more

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