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On the preparation of high quality of the three points

introduction: in the network marketing promotion and ranking high quality articles on the site is self-evident, but for many new webmaster want to write high quality articles or some of the difficulties. Today I will experience for everyone to share, how to write high quality articles.

when we write a high quality article, first to write articles for a plot is the writing direction, target, and on the website and users what the value is written.


when writing the title, must be set around the theme of the article written, your comprehension users more straightforward, so that this article is useful on its own value, and is the title of the words between 6 to 15, so that more users easy to see your title, but not the title is too long that users can only see the front half of the problem, but do not know what is the meaning of the title, which can also lose confidence Click to read, but also do not set too short, too short a title is not conducive to the optimization of the two is the use value is not high, unless your site is particularly famous and has been placed in an important position, but also the contents of greater value, this will bring more value and benefits. read more

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How to develop a detailed optimization scheme of Shanghai Dragon

website optimization promotion always cannot do without the site, and there are plans to work, to greatly improve the efficiency, so we need to make a detailed plan to do so, Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng scheme is already familiar with the case in understanding, combined with the techniques developed for the Shanghai dragon website Shanghai Longfeng promotion ideas and strategies.

2, website positioning to do

establish clear goals in order to better the specific arrangements for the work, whether it is the target of long term or short term, can be differentiated into specific monthly, weekly and daily stage goal. Of course, to do a general budget. read more

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What is the original webmaster to update

But for

don’t know whether we observed, attention now love Shanghai for original content increased, a lot of content acquisition website, or the website ranking has been reproduced in a certain extent decline. Everyone wants to love Shanghai site keywords optimization, the original must be awesome. Undeniable part of the webmaster every day insist on the original writing, in order to win their own dreams, also won the favor of search engine. Here, I want to say, we adhere to the original update every day, what is the read more

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Hu Yi suggested Shanghai fraternity Shanghai Longfeng only when the proposal

! )

Flash text information: stand for the enterprise pay attention to aesthetics mostly to do with the Flash site, so the function of the Flash website to do the analysis on the effect of large, because Hu Yibo’s blog is completely no Flash effect and text, so love Shanghai directly to a check. I’m not sure how the function of the

static page can be completely static website this effect not what, but Hu Yibo is using static Zblog blog system is not completely static. For example, Bowen pages list page. I could not love to Shanghai recommend me a very high score I put all the blog page dynamic pages are banned in search of Shanghai love? As the spider crawling the page and the article will be affected. read more

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How to realize the website market segments with keywords

when determining the site segments of the market, you have to determine your site keywords according to the demand of market segments. The subject refers to the fundamental needs of market segments, for example, want to learn the marketing skills of college students and graduates will have different needs, but learning marketing skills is the main demand of their market segments.

according to the demand of target market

but how to realize the website market segmentation? Of course, first of all, the content of the website is to subdivide the market service, for example, you start smoking cessation website, that your content will be around the smoking cessation needs to provide the knowledge and service, you run the salesman website, website content must also focus on this skill in sales and service set. But do these arrangements and setting is not enough, because the site does not flow in vain without visitors. Now most of the site is mainly through the search engine to get traffic, therefore, arrange the site keywords reasonably, in order to obtain good search engine ranking foundation is the key to realize the website market segmentation strategy. For the novice, to master an idea easily, but the implementation of operational difficulties, combined with their own station experience, talk about the website fractionize market keywords set step. read more

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shlf1314 Adsense K a reason to love youYiqifa advertising prices and new advertisers stay

This paper consists of

, Zhan, Zhang Chan Dou: I just ask.


Zhan Zhang: do you need it,

TV online network feeds

adsense:K need a reason for a number,


      2004, Beijing Yaogu legend Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co. Ltd, which is located in Beijing, Zhongguancun company, beginning with the flowers and plants as the core, the popular European natural flowers and the introduction of life China, and provide inspiration for the beautiful, fashionable ladies from natural flowers.
            we will natural flowers into every kind of life, from the flowers and tea, beauty care products, and to other activities, let the more loving flowers and friends in the city can enjoy a healthy, natural way of life.
            60>; for this reason, we invested heavily in the construction of Beijing, Changping District, covers an area of 15 acres, building area of read more

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No wrong optimization Shanghai Longfeng is only icing on the cake

said Shanghai Longfeng simple optimization is also simple, but hard to say, Shanghai Longfeng optimization system of this includes the content and the construction of the chain, if these two points before is in place to do site optimization, it is nothing but the more successful. Some sites in the optimization of itself is such a situation, so in Shanghai Longfeng nothing but > er optimization

three: how to do a "perfect"

for a website to make sound, website content and the importance of the chain are well aware, so the update or promotion will be very diligent in place. However, bigger and wide will often have some problems, such as "no weight ranking", "included no flow" or "open the slow phenomenon included. Shanghai dragon is solved and so on phenomenon, so as to make the site more conducive to search engine optimization rules, achieve high weight high ranking. Many owners think, as long as do Shanghai dragon to optimize their quality is not the most important, which has produced a lot of "garbage station". That is not to say that the garbage station do garbage station, but led to a large number of sites half-dead state, caused the flooding of low quality websites. Shanghai Longfeng icing on the foundation for "website has substantial content, but the lack of corresponding methods". If to locate the site ranking with Shanghai Dragon technology to, somewhat unrealistic, so for this station is also often more gullible. So do not ignore the importance of webmaster site itself quality optimization under the premise of Shanghai dragon. read more

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How to take up the principle to enhance the site weight by the spider


a lot of friends on the search engine spiders are not unfamiliar, everyone can be found through the IIS log spider your site record, as long as we can seriously analyze the IIS log, I believe we can certainly find traces of spider operation, and using the principle of spider crawling from promotion to the weights of the website below key. We have to do a detailed introduction of

then is to increase the amount included in the site, many people may find this a problem, that is a love Shanghai page is a spider crawling, and was not included, but after a long time, but there will be included, many people do not understand about this phenomenon, in fact you seriously it is not difficult to understand, because the spider to your site not all of a sudden the content of your website all included, but will analyze each properly included, so we have to through the chain of continuous stimulation, let love Shanghai spiders to your site, it will naturally get more included the opportunity, so the construction of the chain is very important to read more

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Lu Guofu love to share links with the Shanghai know skills

to make love Shanghai know through the SOSO quiz, this is a skill I want to share with you today, as we all know, SOSO is a Tencent Q & A, and the effects are good, now many sites are collecting these data inquiry platform. So how do we ask Shanghai to have sex by SOSO know? SOSO relative love Shanghai with links to know the success rate is much larger, so we ask questions first in SOSO, then we.

level, love Shanghai know, then link the success rate will be greater, this is not difficult to understand, after all, the higher level of credibility will be higher, many just apply number with a link in the answer, the answer to many disappeared in the sky (of course there are still very few some people are lucky, but also with the link up, we don’t talk about it, after all, or minority) that we can raise a few early love Shanghai number, for a number of methods, can give yourself a brush, if you want to get the natural, reasonable, it is best to change IP answered, otherwise, once found will be closed in front of your account, so do all in vain, of course you can join love Shanghai know QQ group, so you can brush each other in the form of love to improve Shanghai know etc. Class. read more

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The three outer chain elements to create a stable website ranking

cannot leave the chain is stable. The increase is a roaming above, in the first paragraph also mentioned a modified character signature, there is some blog was blocked, Links was, or website to the chain itself is K, and so are the key we need, in fact, here is the most heartache is blog was blocked, the weight of the blog is very good training, is drunk time, when a blog was blocked, declared this time efforts have been in vain, so we must protect their own blog, do not be closed, to reasonable promotion, don’t be caught the excuse of being blocked; and another is Links, > read more

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Did you make the title of the website optimization

< 1> our website will have brand name, our brand name on the front of the two search click to the memory of this user to user, followed by keywords easy memory, brand name to colloquial, we don’t put the key words as our brand name.

2. we do not place too much in the title theme, this will not only cause our home page weight to disperse, and our website content is not concentrated, lead us to the page content value dilution.

1. page title written

notes that

three, in the end how to write the title read more

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A knife Google panda algorithm optimization path

first let users can try to answer some of the website trust related issues, for example: you will use your credit cards at this site, you can rest assured feeding your child on the site to buy any medicine, such as the problem. Matt Cutts said that in order to establish trust website, will try to ask users other than direct problems, for example: do you think this site of this website is authoritative, too many advertisements do such problems. Of course, after the nobility baby also has the reference data for Chrome, as a sort of reference, but do not think that is a noble baby by Chrome to collect user data, refer to the Chrome user screen website data to illustrate each other. If the site is Chrome users had become rubbish report website, may also will become an important reference for the fight against the nobility baby. read more

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From the angle of Shanghai dragon where Dad unpopular causes

differ in character, Jimmy Lin is a Taiwan singer, racing car driver, has a lot of things; see Guo Tao think of crazy stone, he is forthright! Tian Liang, needless to say, he can recall the glorious Olympic champion Wang Yuelun; renowned director, Zhang Liang model, can be said to showbiz all walks of life including. If the dragon from Shanghai’s point of view, we should also have the difference to the lottery website, not blindly imitate other website practices, the lottery website to do with personality, only users love to see. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization from shallow to deep a


, the web, can use the double. This is certainly not restricted, so we can use a keyword page name. However, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, because we all know this truth, so this is only the preliminary preparation, the effect may not be particularly obvious, but sometimes a slight gap, determines a ranking position, therefore also need special attention.

is the first to select their own keywords, there is a saying that is al1, keywords. In order not to spread the weight, generally we mainly do 3 keywords as well, and have a main keywords to do. read more

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The enterprise website optimization more and more difficult to do the web page not included how to d


website is not only to optimize the code, and the internal structure of the site should be rich. Is the formation of a powerful spider web. The content to attract a search engine crawler to crawl the web for example, it will not leave soon, but.

web page content not only to the original web page at the same time, the content should be useful to the user. The only way this could be due to search engine. The site of the original article, try to make the products known to write, they for product awareness, understanding of the product, function and performance can be more objective and just write out. At the same time to joint investment department, the investment department of the people is the first time to communicate with customers and communicate with people, they are the most able to response to customer demand, the combination of the two, can do original, and be content to help users. read more

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Shanghai Dragon Dragon School in Shanghai the truth why do but not learn Shanghai dragon

is a great relationship in Shanghai Longfeng method of the site with the rank of


of Shanghai dragon finally found that the majority of the Dragon School in Shanghai finally gave up Shanghai Longfeng, most schools in Shanghai at the end of the Dragon learned Shanghai dragon, such an odd let those who spend learning Shanghai Longfeng feeling this is my TM did not persist, not talent endowment and thinking problems. This is a serious disease in current society. It did not adhere to the fact the majority rely on talent is a kind of argument that others to evaluate the successful people, so we have been fooled. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng sprocket manage your blog group


is one-way. See figure, the blog is a one-way link down, finally form a circle. So, you don’t have to be smart, or to spend a lot of thought into two or more. At the end of this paper, you can add a word, such as "the * * * * Please keep the offer," and similar statements, "* * * *" chain on your B blog address. "* * * *" may be your site keywords or name of your B blog. However, I think it is better to B blog. If you really focus on


communicate with colleagues, out of the concept of chain. Of course, this is not our own invention, but imported from abroad. Its name is English (Link Wheels, Shanghai dragon) as its concept, the following picture. It is easy to understand. read more

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Shanghai love chain standard document described judgment and processing chain principle

two, two kinds of problems of the chain chain and distinguish garbage outside the chain of

4, some outside the chain of cheating on the detailed description of


2, the chain problem The

, a judge – the true principles of the chain is the chain of the recommended

through our list of categories and the real case, you can determine your chain website if there is a problem, and further modified.

problem The following is the details: , the chain of garbage

        network owners (admin5贵族宝贝) April 25th news, after the domestic well-known search engine optimization expert Liu Huan Bin (Robin) April 18th is planning to write a web site quality evaluation documents of love Shanghai web search department in his blog, the document written by Lee himself. Today love Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially released the document. Detailed documentation of love Shanghai judge the chain of the chain is the problem principle, the garbage outside the chain of the chain, and distinguish the cheating cheating, several typical chain cheating are described. The webmaster can be adjusted with reading the document timely external chain. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng novice to do what every day

Shanghai Longfeng novice every day will be very confused do not know what work should be done, do not know how to arrange the time reasonably, not only a waste of time and work efficiency is not high, so each stationmaster needs to work every day to do a reasonable plan, then according to adjust and arrange the working hours of the day to do a reasonable. A qualified webmaster.


need to update the site every day, if you are Adsense is the Commissioner of the chain, the website content on the day you need to update, as for the number of articles updated daily to set, according to the needs of the site for the time, not more than two hours; as for the chain of distribution, need to spend three hours a day the time to raise resources, such as forum account, forum and other resources, with the accumulation of the chain resources will be more and more time; read more

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The FLASH website to Shanghai Dragon


two, with two level domain name for Shanghai dragon

two directory was set up in FTP, the best way to do the full directory name. For example, when the projector sales sites, we can put the name of the directory is set to "touyingji", then we can do such a link on the home page "< a; href=" 贵族宝贝 target=" domain name /touyingji" _blank" > HTML < /a> version of the entrance;". So, you can use the two directories to do rankings. We can install a set of open source, in two directories such as dreams, WORDPRESS etc.. The installation program set the template, the necessary content after you can start ranking. Of course, as the pre planning, layout and other things to do, this is a part of the Shanghai dragon. read more

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