Mood perception do webmaster really hard

Mood perception do webmaster really hard

July 24, 2017 iowtiarijtod 0

I am a fresh graduate, apply for an Internet company, engaged in network editing work, our work task is tedious, tedious, tired, and that is false. Busy every day to update several stations. Sometimes, after returning home at night, you still have to think about how to improve IP traffic and improve the quality of the site. Sometimes during the day and night will continue to busy, busy to the forum to promote our website, because we are paid by the IP flow to commission, if the IP flow can not improve the website, so we pay also have the opportunity to rise, in order to survive, so only to choose to get more tired. More than a little hard, I hope this can make your site responsible for it, hey! But to make your IP flow increase is really difficult, take me for one station,, it is an industry station, now do this type of station also more special and I am a graduating student, do not understand a lot of knowledge, I what to compete with others for IP traffic.

sometimes, I really want to give up the job, every day at the computer, you imagine a girl all the year round in front of the computer, to the body, the skin is good? But also very easy in the old, said, now I have no time to find a boyfriend, would be a nun Oh, think of these that is very sad, how do the webmaster is so hard, you say


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