Why does the stationmaster want to write an article

Why does the stationmaster want to write an article

July 24, 2017 dltbsyjqzoag 0

A few days before the

in a blog < is Baidu really began to return to the site included is down right? > and publish to A5, a few years ago in the A5 ever released 2 articles, admit their own limited level, for the Internet, for the owners, for the net station knowledge is limited, so write something natural limitations, only to express their own views of


through the audit, many websites were reproduced, reproduced is a good thing, everyone wants to write the article was reproduced, webmaster why write, there are several psychological the simple analysis:

1, in order to promote the website

a large number of people are willing to do, move the brain to write something, is to promote your site, write your address in the article content, this release in stationmaster net this kind of webmaster website, after each reprint there will be a lot of people to browse. And see your own website, actually I want to say, writing articles in fact mainly to the search engine, especially Baidu, Baidu which day you suddenly see the domain in which the authority of the release site, will naturally change to your website’s attitude, you stand weight will increase.

2, in order to improve their popularity,

a lot of people in this business a few years, feel the size is a veteran, in local or in certain circles in the webmaster is a bit of popularity, by writing articles, if the views expressed by other novice webmaster recognition, that they will become your fans, often often visit your blog, see more, naturally you are famous, most people want to be famous in nature! I want to talk to those fans who said, there is no God as webmaster, believe in yourself, you will also beef up


3, like


webmaster do for so many years, or just enter this circle, or for novelty, or there are some deep feelings to write and exchange, write something out, to do this record! People are sensitive person


here I want to talk about things, the article was reproduced, reproduced is a good thing, I think every webmaster wrote articles to be reproduced, but they hope is to have their own signature, but not to the content too much change, especially inside the URL, I search for Baidu whether it has started to restore included "on the website is down right in the GG, found someone to reprint article to your SEO blog, and remove the inside of the Wujiang talent network and Taicang talent network address, if reproduced after removing the URL into your" original ", but also in the content. He wrote reprinted from XXseo blog, if SEO is by doing so, I think this is not what SEO. If you are the author, it is estimated that you will not feel better, and everyone is a webmaster, it is not easy to stand. When you want your interests to be guaranteed, please respect other people’s interests first, I have been in

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