The local site blood experience positioning is the key for the success of the website

The local site blood experience positioning is the key for the success of the website

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many webmaster should have such experience, and contact the Internet for a few years or even longer, there are a lot of this done during the site, whether it is rubbish station or industry website and blog, involving a wide range of areas. No matter what is always easy to start, but it’s always so hard, often the result is not satisfactory, what is the reason it is or what we were less, finally summarizes our own skills and contacts and so on, but the positioning of the site? The webmaster have overlooked this point, in fact, positioning a website is the most crucial part of the local tourism website today I talk about how to locate, why location is the key of a web site.

1. Site types are thoroughly positioned to make sure the core doesn’t change.

first of all to accurate positioning, to see what we have to do their own types of websites, consider the advantages of their own web site, what should be done to reduce competitiveness, we can give full play to our advantages. For example that some people do English website, can be their own English level is very poor even if you cannot read, then you do such a site is what meaning? Don’t make English goods cannot communicate with foreign clients, even their guns are not, how to go to battle? Their website system has difficulty, let alone to operate the website


website is not only to local users love things that are related but also implicated the impending new things, so that we can do before, users can also complete the shift key, so that when selecting the type of webmaster want to think more, more analysis, look through the phenomenon of nature do in-depth the real location, will be the site of the core into the next link.

two. Positioning resources, relying on resources based support pattern can not be changed.

positioning resources have advantages. In the preliminary preparation, we must carefully consider the analysis, to see if your local website in similar industries, there is no duplication, and some people have done, how well, it is better to think more, analysis of the overall point. If the market situation, you did, then whether you have the ability to go beyond each other, if no one does, what is the reason, there is no market or not good, should analyze these factors.

local resources as a local man and I believe you are very familiar to the local, do not do well, OK, not the rich abundant resources in the end you must grasp, a local website resources is the basis for development, such as Chengde and tourism website, it is relying on the local tourism resources, such as the Chengde recruitment website, it is relying on the talents of local information and communication. Local resources based and support, in the local web site to make contribution to development is king.

three. Locating people and promotion is the key, and website types and local resources are the most important.

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