Ten qualities of successful individual stationmaster in China

Ten qualities of successful individual stationmaster in China

July 24, 2017 iowtiarijtod 0

Chinese successful personal webmaster said there were many, less said also many, they have many common characteristics, "Yulin blog" extracted from the most obvious, and that is the most important of the 10, called the "10 Chinese successful personal qualities". The top 10 features of China’s successful Adsense may also be more appropriate.

1, desire

The difference of the

personal webmaster desire and desire is that ordinary people, ordinary people desire by the reality of the work and business, and they often desire beyond their reality, on the website on the Internet can be realized. So often with the spirit of action and sacrifice. This is not what ordinary people can do. Because I want to get, and by now the identity, status, wealth is not, so I have to go to the Internet business, rely on the website to change the status, to improve the status, the accumulation of wealth, which constitutes a muzike target.

a really personal webmaster must be a strong desire. They want to have wealth, want to get ahead, want to get social status, want to get the respect of others. Some people talk about these things feel very vulgar, many personal Adsense started, but also said that the site is public nature, and so on, in fact, do not have to. No "desire" as early as the era has ended, unless you have to self castration, who have no way, otherwise, you can totally be dignified and imposing to pursue their desire, wish with vigour and vitality. The saints such as Confucius once learned something, don’t rush to travel around the world, some official appointment? Obviously, in some things, there is no so-called vulgar and good.

2, patience

personal website is a very difficult thing to do, first of all to endure physical and mental torture. Physical torture, but also easier to do some, quite a bit on the past, and now many people say that all day sitting in front of the computer, poor health, stay up late, the spirit is not good, it is very normal. Personal webmaster biggest problem is mental torture, this is the entrepreneur needs to endure another torture.

now many individual webmaster know KDD.CC is very hot, imminent, will certainly become a successful website. Who knows GJJ such a class of entrepreneurs how successful? They are on the road to become a good webmaster, how to pay the price, how to pay to bear how much others can not tolerate the humiliation and distress, pain, how many people are willing to pay the same price with them, and get the same they are today? More personal webmaster, because the server blocked blood completely destroyed, start again, you know their feelings?

for ordinary people, patience is a virtue, for personal Adsense, patience is a must have character. The development of the Internet in China, now many small places, personal website are seen as worthless, even walking on the road, there are people who constantly pointing behind. Ordinary people early mad, and this pressure is not to say that resistance will be able to resist.


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