How to do nternet marketing in beverage industry

How to do nternet marketing in beverage industry

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beverage market is in the Warring States period of contention of a hundred schools of thought of carbonated drinks, water, soft drinks, juice drinks, tea drinks, functional beverages such as gexianshentong. Moreover, health card become the flagship enterprise brand, fight water, nutrition, health than than the bright younger generation are not resigned to playing second fiddle. How to get a space for one person in the horse? Many brands aimed at network marketing, because enterprises should not only sell taste, nutrition drinks, but also sell a kind of spiritual culture, in order to get consumers to a deeper level of brand identity for enduring. How does the beverage industry do online marketing,


Liu Yuhan believes that, first of all, content marketing. Marketing has only one epicenter, and that’s the consumer. Where is the consumer and where is the marketing?. Good content marketing, is associated with the target consumers, and they delight the content. Rely on these "virus" strong content to interact with consumers, to meet consumer demand, in order to help a brand to establish trust between consumers. Of course, it is also necessary to determine the content marketing strategy, that is, from one-way to multi-directional, dynamic dissemination. Fully grasp the characteristics of media communication, the integration of news media, social media, from the media, to convey the content to the target consumer.

secondly, emotional marketing is a good choice. To close the gap between brands and consumers, we must let consumers identify with the brand, so that when buying similar products, the first thing to think of is this brand. JDB emotional marketing has done very well, "sorry body" has aroused the attention of consumers and forwarding, many consumers have therefore identified jdb. 2015 Spring Festival, jiaduobao and where to launch the "jiaduobao light road home" activities, to the country a difficult dilemma into the marketing situation, will once again go home social collective mind to pull high, empathize and mass.

again, the power of interactive marketing should not be underestimated. Whether it is content marketing or emotional marketing, the purpose is to interact with consumers. So interactive marketing is critical. Take pulsation as an example, the interactive activities are very delicate and careful. In 2015 January, "Mai Da adorable" graffiti expression throughout the WeChat circle of friends, in the form of personalized graffiti drawing and dynamic expression package and other forms of communication, fully mobilize the participation of fans, but also to mobilize the fans friends circle communication efforts, and fans had a deep degree of interaction, enhance the fans of the brand good.

finally, Liu Yu, but also about cross-border cooperation marketing. In this respect, I have to admire Coca-Cola. In order to do a good job in network marketing, I have made a series of new marketing experiments, and achieved very good results. For cross-border cooperation, the use of Coca-Cola is also very skilled, in cooperation with the red taxi and the taxi drops out red envelopes of cash delivery activities, there are more than 700 million bottles of soda products with the taxi drops of Coca-Cola’s LOGO market, users simply scan the QR code to participate in activities, a chance to win the taxi vouchers or cash envelopes.

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