Grassroots webmaster how to face reality

Grassroots webmaster how to face reality

July 25, 2017 fxcbhyzvatkx 0

what’s the most popular station now? QQ station. QQ station on the Internet, a grasp of a lot, an article can be copied tens of thousands of times, an outdated code can be touted as "the most stunning new free QQ code". QQ station, ready, large flow, make more money; can the vast majority of webmaster, such as me, are hard to support.

8.11 at the end of the station building, the QQ code to buy a domain name, buy a stable network host, download the PHP168 source code, can send the article, write text, link, promotion, repeat all webmaster in repeat things.

a month later, the site half-dead, I always wonder: why do the same thing, some stations rank well, my station is very bad


sometimes on the Internet, I have some feelabsent. What to do? To get the website? Many times, I want to abandon this site, but I think of the "soldiers assault" not long ago, not abandon, do not give up, I have insisted on it.

now, the website is still half-dead, poor traffic, but the PR value rose to 2, ranking 7 million to ALEXA. Adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to, update, promotion, unknowingly, you will find that your site will have a good ranking.

wish you grassroots webmaster through this winter! Thank webmaster contribution!


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