Before making money do your self reflection before making a site

Before making money do your self reflection before making a site

July 25, 2017 dltbsyjqzoag 0


;       the first: make a profitable local station on these strokes

second: do not have these tricks, really Kung Fu do local sites, you do not expect to make money

third: don’t think good vision is no good place to make money do


fourth article: do make money site, there is no good physical and spiritual, fight easily "abort"

fifth article: want to make money place, website won’t pack, also die fast,

              wrote a few articles about the local sites articles in front of me, I finished in fifth, left a QQ of my own, and I have a lot of friends to communicate, to ask the questions: This is basically

1, what station did you do? Can you send me a website?

2, I’m running this local information website. What do you think is profitable?

3, you’re right. I’m inspired. I want to run local websites. I have some money in hand, but I can’t find the right direction.

4, I invested some money to the website operation, operation for a period of time, the site visit amount is also good, but earn is my small change.

5, I worked out a local industry website, the daily amount of visits is also good, but I do not know how to talk about business, or do not know how to expand the market,

… And some, not one by one, the above situation, in fact, before doing anything, there is no self reflection…..

reflection, is a heavy word, however, the operation of the site as a place to do business, must be through the way, otherwise, you’ve spent a lot of money, please I rub a few meal! (slobber…


for the above problems, I believe that many of my friends have met, here’s my advice:

1, I do what I stand, which make money, how do I earn, are of no great importance, because you are not me, don’t imitate (we also see some local counterparts in this website, I know, but I know they are not, even if all of the strategies, also unable to copy my success, only anxious)! So, don’t ask others to do what the local station can make money, but to self reflect, you have what skills and expertise. (this is very important, you do not understand the operation of the site, where you die quickly)

2, if you have run the local information website, you haven’t thought about the strategy of profit, so what do you do? I see the local information websites provided by some friends, and the programs are basically >!

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