Construction and management of marketing team

Construction and management of marketing team

July 25, 2017 mieywmcnyozz 0


team is the most popular form of collaboration between organizations and groups. Its essence is communication, division of labor, cooperation, common progress, in order to form a clear and effective team. Due to the integration of various industries Chinese market, industry group company established in the country are branch sales and marketing center, the construction and management of the sales team has become a common concern. At present, due to the particularity and the marketing work of sales team construction team did not perform well, the regional market to work, or stay in "alone" level, the team lost its meaning, and even the 1 + 1< 2. It is a great honor for me to participate in the construction of two marketing centers during the work of Kelon. I compare the core of the team, the content and process of the construction, the way of work and the result. I have a deeper understanding of the team. A good team, it should have at least 3 conditions: 1, excellent core; 2, perfect system; 3, team culture. Now, let’s share my understanding of "marketing team building and management".

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