B2C BBS detailed shopex and discuz integration tutorial

B2C BBS detailed shopex and discuz integration tutorial

July 25, 2017 qljljlgbjcad 0

ShopEx is the highest market share of online software, Discuz is the world’s most mature, the coverage rate of one of the largest forum software system, at present more and more sites to the direction of B2C+BBS, some have been running the station the effect is very good, the fusion of these two different sites sharing system brought us a lot of convenience, function is also very strong, although the official has related tutorial shows, but very little, but due to the escalating program caused by the interface change, according to the official tutorial for beginners also spend a lot of time, I this several days when the test also have big trouble, so today to write out their operation. The reference for this tutorial for ShopEx 4.85+Dscuz X2. if the operation method is better and more convenient, and we hope to exchange. If there is a domain name for the www.test.com site, you need to open sub domain name www.bbs.test.com as a forum under the website. First of all, explain the opening process of the two domain name:

1. in the domain name, background analysis, two level domain name www.bbs.test.com, as shown in:


2. binding, in the space behind the "domain" plate to find "subdomain", in accordance with the prompt to fill in the domain name:



3. simple operation after the DNS binding is completed, the next step is to upload the program, the web site root directory (/public_html/) to set up a folder to folder for the convenience of our name: (BBS), discuz program is uploaded to the /public_html/bbs/. Download the latest version of Discuz on the discuz website! X2, note that the UTF8 encoding program and must choose the encoding shopex fusion, all the files in this directory is upload we need to upload to the server available on the program file, all the files in the upload directory using FTP software in binary mode to the space. Open the URL to install the Discuz file. Note that when you set up the environment installation step, select the new installation ".

4. so far, Discuz! X has been successfully installed. Below, begin to be integrated with shopex, add the link of a forum in ShopEx downstage, facilitate user login forum. Store background, click on [page management] – [site column] add top column.


5. select the link address and fill in the title at the column heading. For example, the community forum will be the name of the front desk: >

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