Actual combat analysis of how to build local classified information website

Actual combat analysis of how to build local classified information website

July 28, 2017 nhrithpipweh 0

first I do not place the website, so accumulated today I do local information classification site for only 10 months, is also in this short period of time, I experienced the exploration, through a variety of large and small business experience, learned a lot of experience. I was done before the local forum, and that did almost a few months time to do the first Baidu, of course, many places long tail keywords are on the first page. To do this a new field, start is the choice of classification information also draws on the forum operation experience, in order to make a local website have a good income, I will gather a lot of popularity, but also the need to conduct industry classification of the local traffic, and then find businesses, realize the concept of income. Today, we will talk about your own local classification information website experience.

1. choose simple, easy to remember domain name

local site domain name selection is very important, we must respect the vast numbers of users, users of search and memory habits. In my own experience, core keywords choice of the domain name to highlight the website, as the best local website can contain the names of the Larry domain plus prefix or suffix, such as Chengdu’s domain is required to remember and spelling. But it is worth mentioning that many users are using Sogou input method, memory function, can automatically play shorthand name, so we can also consider – consistent with it, or in Chengdu as an example Can also consider the domain name history, increase your sense of the same meaning we can be or Shu Tianfu These also combine their own local characteristics of the station reference for use. As for what kind of top-level domain name, I am trying to promote webmaster preferred com, reason needless to say, that is customary problems.

2. focuses on keyword selection

at present, the country’s large-scale information classification website is headed by 58 and fair market, of course, comprehensive advantages of integrated websites, local websites also have their own advantages. So, we have to learn 58 and go to the market in order to compete with these sites. This needs to response to our strength from the selection of key words, can drop some of the anchor text of no great importance nofollow tag shield, such as "home" and "next page", at the same time the pages and anchor text, try to add names, such as Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu second-hand market group purchase personnel, in general, is the names of the keywords to join them. One thing I have to share is that the name and headline of the news section try to add local information, and it’s also a small trick for our local information classification website.

3. find your breakthrough point as soon as possible,

in fact, the so-called web site breaking point, said the simple point is that a website how profitable way, for a classified information website, profit is nothing more than through

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