A painful lesson for Mamy Poko to change rice

A painful lesson for Mamy Poko to change rice

July 28, 2017 jwrsymrmnutl 0

Mamy Poko

has just started doing it, because there is no thought of a good domain name, use the 71020.com domain name, but also wrote an article "share my site PR from 0 to 3 of the experience, the address is http://s.admin5.com/article/20100407/222118.shtml, many webmaster friends seeking sites have a good PR value, crazy to find the chain, buy the chain, black chain and so on, as long as you do not know the structure of your site’s internal processing as well can have a good PR value.

in the process of using this domain name, always feel some do not drag, and former colleagues chat to my station, he let me think a good domain name, really can not think, will use. One day, suddenly see a web site domain name is good, based on this domain name, extended 2 individual think good domain name, at least better than my domain name memory, and see domain name will know what it means. But the question is whether to change or not, and think twice, change!


domain name change is a painful process, especially a small station like ours.

is used in the virtual space, the server is LAMP, because of the change in domain name, to the previous search engine included page redirect to the new domain name, so start 301, 301 is really a painful thing in CPanel, only a single page or a single directory, really tired, but always think that there should be a method of comparison quick, direct.Htaccess to do a whole 301 redirect. After doing 301 redirection, go to the Google Webmaster to do the address change, because the former domain name and the current domain name are bound together. It’s a painful thing to do, but it’s ok. Baidu did not operate in this regard, can only wait to be included in the pain.

above things done later, Google new domain name is low, 3 days included began to increase, old domain name included in slowly reduced. After several days of the new domain name Baidu began to release included site, but also increase in the old domain included a web site, the Baidu update mechanism is worse than the Google point, probably because each search engine to consider the issue is not the same.

changed the domain name, the number of new domain name also reduced a lot, and PR=0, many of the chain also did not, because the reason is simple, new domain name PR=0 do not, can only smile.

site must think of a good domain name before the line,


this article A5 starting, from: Mamy Poko http://s.mamybb.com

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