How to find the webmaster soft writing inspiration

How to find the webmaster soft writing inspiration

July 28, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

soft text promotion for the site brought unexpected returns. Because soft Wen in various websites have positive significance and extraordinary role, which led to many webmaster are through soft writing to improve the popularity of the site. Webmaster every day to soft Wen creation, but, each person’s resources are limited. If we can not find a long-term path, it will soon wither. Because our own belly of the ink is sucked, can not think of good things. So, what are the ways we can solve this problem? I share my experience in this respect. I hope you can help.

first: watch life, inspiration is around,

webmasters keep writing in front of the computer every day, ignoring the outside world. Most of the time, we just go out for a walk and find what we want all the time. Life is the center of everyone. We are always at the heart of life. For example, we eat and drink water every day. Up in the morning is to wash your face and brush your teeth, go to the classroom. There are times when we feel numb about this kind of life and lose the pleasure of experiencing life. If you can not find joy in life, the whole person is like a corpse, lifeless, completely lost vitality. But as long as we watch life carefully, we can think of the problems we never thought of. Life is a small world, but it can take a peek into the big world. From a small place you can see a big look. For soft writing every day, if you stay in front of the computer, you can not think of good themes and inspiration. Just remember carefully what happens at all times, remember the sounds of the bell and the class. These things are likely to be the inspiration for our writing. What is inspiration?. No one can give you a definite answer. It’s just a flash of the meteor shower, leaving a subtle traces. This time, the stationmaster needs to look for traces of inspiration. What happens in life is that we can find more inspiration, as long as we observe carefully.

second: see Duosi news, inspiration will naturally come

news is time sensitive, and every day we need some new material when we write. So we can use the news hot spot to improve the readability of the article. Users surf the news online every day to pay attention to their favorite news. It would be a good idea if the news was put into the passage. This can not only improve the user’s browsing time, but also enhance the popularity of the website. The webmaster must watch the news a lot, because there are probably a lot of things we haven’t found in the news. For major news websites, don’t miss it. From this, we can find the influence of some news to the users. The direction and Inspiration of writing can also be determined. News can let us have a deeper understanding and excavation of all kinds of things. If we just read the news without thinking, the function of seeing will be completely lost. When we read certain >

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