Looking at the evolution of website interactive advertising from the major portals

Looking at the evolution of website interactive advertising from the major portals

July 28, 2017 cnonvormtvye 0

some time ago, every door has undergone a revision, which is regarded as a collective transformation of the media format of the portal. YAHOO launched its new home page, introducing a new era of social platform like Facebook style. And Sina also carried out in 1998 since its establishment in, 15 years since a major revision, open up Sina and Sina, micro-blog platform, and further innovation interactive advertising.

With the rise of

social media and the arrival of big data era, new media has become a myth. "First financial weekly" even made two special articles to discuss the invasion of new technology to traditional advertising industry. "Harvard Business Review" and even shouted "traditional advertising is dead", many new media advertising touted our hand, on the other hand completely with those of traditional media completely break, this seems to be a lot of new media advertising people the usual position.

has the advertising media really collapsed or even disappeared? I actually want to quote the American media researcher Roger ·. Fiedler’s point of view. In his book the change of media form, he once mentioned three principles of the evolution of media form, namely, the principle of co evolution, the principle of convergence and the principle of complexity. Its core point of view is that the development of media is a common evolution and coexistence, rather than linear replacement, nor is it the demise of the existing traditional media. Fiedler compares media forms to species. He believes that the main features of various forms of media will be part of the whole media system, which will be handed down from generation to generation as biological genetic codes. His view has been shared by experts and scholars in many research fields.

in fact, with regard to the changes in media advertising, we are often used to two yuan opposite thinking, and rarely use an evolutionary vision to look at the development of media advertising. Especially in the era of social media, marketing advertisers demand changes very fast, interactive advertising creative emerge in an endless stream we can not use, disposable, abruptly stressed not old.

here, it is necessary for us to sort out the development process of interactive advertising. For a long time, in these industries in OgilvyOne cutting-edge 4A advertising company, also called interactive advertising is just the extension and transformation of a format, which is the main visual design graphic format into Flash format animation and interactive advertising, Producer is the new type of traditional advertising company no, he is an important connection between the creative staff and technical staff. Early portals like YAHOO, for many, were just a big newspaper with headlines, hyperlinks, and flash ads, which we often call web1.0. Advertisers do not have a clear and complete concept of online advertising, marketing ROI assessment is not so rigorous, as long as the exposure of advertising and click rate in place.

today, advertisers are more sophisticated about advertising, and it seems that three factors influence the effectiveness of advertising: platforms, ideas, and how accurate

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