How did get Baidu through SEO

How did get Baidu through SEO

July 28, 2017 xdjmhapwdkkt 0

first statement, I first do SEO, so this article belongs to the rookie, not only to share experience, experience, professional and welcome Paizhuan!

network network is a web site the author comments and recommendations for launch in April 1st, her purpose is to work through the three aspects of the review site to share experiences and seek development ", lets the small webmaster can grow in mutual aid, in the discussion got their site problems and the way forward, let the Internet community can enter a virtuous cycle of survival and development of small and medium-sized webmaster. The hands of a self think it is good to meters, so trying to how to take the site name? Site location is website comments, but do not want to directly call the website comment, later led to no brand operation. I had a brainstorm with a partner, suddenly thought of the word "net net", "net net" is intended to comment website: "the website also contains review website, webmaster comment on each other", and "dot" the word itself is the site meaning, can think the future will be the network outlets set a site.

is the "creative", have to consider the brand on the Internet search situation! "This Query dot net" in Baidu, the result is not optimistic! (but I was no screenshots here only briefly explain the situation in the first few rows) are "dot net is focused on the consumer guide", "Shanghai commercial outlets welcome", "Chinese city commercial network network", "network outlets nationwide to seek cooperation" and so on, these contents, interested friends can go to search, you know what I’m saying is that what the site, the site creation time is already quite old. The first sites were created in 04 years. Then, the results also mixed many "dot" the word matching results, such as "China Merchants Bank" outlets". Therefore, the author’s "dot com network" would like to be ranked first in the results, but still a little difficult.

the site was released on April 1st and submitted to Baidu and Google on 2 April. Fortunately, Google collected second days home, but many days did not see growth; Baidu every 4 to 5 days to start included (this time period than the webmaster friends said 2 weeks much shorter period of time, perhaps lucky it), then the amount collected every day on the rise. At that time, strange is, search "dot net" this Query, the author of the site will not appear in the first page, will search results page, N pages also difficult to find their own content. It is estimated that many webmaster friends personal sorrow and joy will be able to appreciate it! I think it is not a lack of SEO


because Baidu is the biggest search engine in China, so the author chose Baidu as the object of SEO. In the online learning some SEO information, harvest has, but not much, feel the Internet flooding SEO information, substantive content >

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