Do Wangzhuan site need need a heart to persevere

Do Wangzhuan site need need a heart to persevere

July 29, 2017 bsjsgcnszljw 0

do Wangzhuan, need a website, need to persevere heart

many users get a website, or do a website, to put on the GG code, but after a while to see inside the account only a few cents will slowly start to give up. There are also users, all of a sudden put great effort to engage in more than a dozen sites, in order to win, slowly, your energy gradually overdrawn, GG accounts for less and less money, so now I want to have several common Wangzhuan according to my experience on website, fine power,

input etc.

has done 4 years of occupation Wangzhuan, a few years ago by the search engine traffic GG advertising, also earning thousands of dollars, but has been hovering around $1000, no matter how hard I try, my advertising revenue or not go, because I analyzed, energy is limited, focus on this website the site must performance will decline, so doing, or only hovering around $1000! Is a website is a prostitute, a whoremaster earn 100, 10 times a day is 1000, 100 is 10 thousand, 1000 is 100 thousand, a woman can do a few times one day? You may think of a station, the flow is very big, only the big 10 stations, 100 stations, you have more energy to get through the tube, the tube is not over, put it only so little traffic, rely on advertising, break the day Just a little bit,

later I learned acquisition, so I put every website each column collection is configured, every click start collecting all the sites collected at the same time, a health update, then I wrote a batch in the computer, every day he went to automatic acquisition and update, others website update, I’m here you can pick up, gradually all my web traffic through the search engine came after the GG account which has income, in fact, you seem very simple things, in fact, is not easy, I set up 5 GG account after the start, to find the same computer login multiple GG account blocked, so I chose to use an account, put to the dozens of sites inside, I have more than a year, no cheating, no formal work station, GG I, and every day I see the inside of the account information, if there is malicious click, I sent a letter to the GG League to explain the situation, the other party also promptly reply and do the processing, has not blocked the account number.

I a person simply can not do so many sites, technical strength is limited, so I will go to buy the site, I love the name is, 82 Master Studio, inside the code quality is very good, with the collection, and their official IDC space is to support monthly, I also do not worry at the beginning, but the code is really good, I bought a code, and a space, and technical personnel there to help me in the space, and instructed me how to replace the GG advertising, and how to collect, second months I turned into space because of the expense paid more.

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