Classified information sites seem turbulent laughing at the end ‘m afraid

Classified information sites seem turbulent laughing at the end ‘m afraid

July 29, 2017 jwrsymrmnutl 0

from the Internet to search a lot of classified information website is a promising prospect, how to say, so many people have a dream full of excitement. with money, joined the team. But think carefully, there are still many questions we need to discuss

what is the outlook for the first, classified information web site?

with the social economic development, the network has become more and more popular. Many people search for information they need through the Internet, which lays a solid foundation for the prospects of classified information websites. But the premise is that the classified information that your website offers is of high value. This kind of high is not alone, but in quantity, it is its authenticity and timeliness.

at present, big city classifieds site, I think the market has been basically saturated, the competition is too fierce, so for the big city friends, construction, then classified information website difficult, because some domestic classification information than the boss, we think more, most of the market, they have accounted for the first. Unless you have a better spot, or into the inevitably doom, in contrast, some small and medium-sized city, such as Jilin City, the local network, although the development is also very early, but there is no site formed ring called almost no blank, this is the market, in addition, the city for this information I feel fresh, if it can be localized to try. Many small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the money to advertise, but they still have the demand of publicity and promotion, and the small advertisement on the street shows that this demand is very strong. This is the phenomenon of some small and medium-sized cities.

second, classified information website, personal establishment feasibility is open to question,

many people want to download a program online and start dreaming of making money. Looking forward to the beginning of a day, the amount of information on the website is increasing, the amount of browsing is increasing sharply, and a lot of people begin to pay attention to it, including some advertisers also pay attention to his website, in fact, this idea is too idealistic. Why do you say that, for individuals, for some customers, its reliability has been questioned.

also looks like the release of information, one can solve and filtering, in essence, is not the case, and this is a very complex process. For example, the reliability of information verification, who would not have intended to find information on your website is false information, and even some illegal information on it. In addition, the problem of similarity of information. Now the Internet market is not the kind of past, HAO123 success, it was then people will not use the search engine, it should be said that search engines have not yet entered the concept of people’s online life. That’s what made him. But only rely on a domain name, a space, a program is to want to sit, it basically shows that people do not understand marketing, or want to dream too much. Maybe I don’t know what the real marketing plan is.

How does

third and classified information sites influence


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