Experience sharing operating income of 4000 yuan individual local information harbor

Experience sharing operating income of 4000 yuan individual local information harbor

July 29, 2017 fxcbhyzvatkx 0

Hello, A5 and friends, operational thinking today I want to talk about the local information harbor, a case here is a place of my own early information port operations, called the Liuyang window. To tell you the truth, this site is doing very badly, because at the end of 2006 I knew nothing about Internet technology, I just registered a domain name, and I just got a source code to do it. The site is very difficult, but now every day I need a spare 5 minutes to maintain, through a variety of methods to the current monthly income of about 4000, although not what the prospects for development, but now it can keep my own living expenses. I would like to share this experience with you, and I hope to help you.

1, website content maintenance

the development of local information port can not be separated from content, content is king, the chain is emperor. So from the beginning to now, I basically every day update several pieces of information in this article for 3 minutes or so, because I do not have the qualification of the press release, so the basic content is pseudo original, with local information and hot entertainment information.

classified information channels, basic maintenance once a week, mainly to delete some illegal information. At the same time, the site allows users to register without releasing information, increasing customer experience.

2, SEO.

SEO has done a lot of optimization, but the final home or not in the first words, because the stem but local news, so I took the SEO focus on the content page, still using Baidu to IP more than $3000 a day, are the basic content page brings.

3, link

a good web site from the chain and content can see, so I from the beginning on the very much attention to the chain, content, I have said above, not say. I don’t write soft, but now I know, it’s important, if we write soft article to the website PR to high quality, so there will be more websites reproduced, the chain increased, for example to the A5 published may be many websites, the chain greatly increased. Although it does not give you the flow, but it brings you quality. The chain and content of the site is indispensable.

4, local merchants Union,

local users many gathered on my site, so the local enterprises, my website advertising value is very good, so I and local businesses to create a "business alliance", each year to pay 300 yuan fee business cooperation can, now has more than 10 business cooperation.

5, profit model

Liuyang window of the profit model is very simple, mainly GG advertising + advertising + billion to dotting advertising, which is advertising alliance mode, the basic monthly income of more than 2000; secondly, I also sell link to my site is PR4, each selling a link is 30-50 yuan / month, this.

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