How many grassroots webmaster lying on the road to adhere to

How many grassroots webmaster lying on the road to adhere to

July 29, 2017 kogyetwtlzeu 0


here, I want to ask is: "what is it that we do so grassroots webmaster lost to do stand confidence, passion, motivation?"

as a grassroots webmaster of me, for this aspect of things is a little experience, and I firmly believe in such a sentence, "have to pay will return"

we as a grassroots webmaster, and cannot go to the party and the rich, because they are willing to spend money, they can go to the station to call for a network of people to give him the website to write soft and then released to the news, so as to get good rankings in search engines, but we can’t only. Because we are the grassroots, so we have to do it yourself to work hard, to strive, to insist, I have consulted some station owners, they gave the same answer: I insist. So we have to stick to it. Here we have to go back to the above questions: "what makes us such a grassroots webmaster do stand to lose confidence, passion and power?" the answer in my mind, because as a webmaster I is only a sophomore, I stand in 2012, I don’t have much contact time, but the more I contact person. I gave up, but I’m holding on now,

situation 1: do stand for several months, no traffic, no weight.

this is an issue that many people have encountered, because you can see someone else’s website in a few months to bring the site to do so well, a few a few weight weight! But do you ever know what they have in hard work, do what, how much weight in hiding behind the hardships. We see in this kind of station, we do not go to see, not to worship, but to analyze, to dig, why he can stand again within a few months to do so well, then try to find the reasons on its website for example: your site is collected, but when you analysis of others website, others website part is far; others website do long tail keyword optimization within the page; others outside the chain of mass outside the chain of high quality and so on. So all the way to adhere to their website do well.

situation two: see others standing flow is very high, and others have a touch, just put no matter, passion is so denied

like I do now many movies movie website website is just to find a good point of CMS and then built into a site every day, in addition to the acquisition or acquisition, did not go to the hair of the chain, the only good news that is only for garbage Links, this is a fatal mistake, need a website is to go for the site to optimize (SEO), but not every day you can collect it, a movie website can now be said to be on the Internet as long as people will want to build, if we want to do so well on the website ranking, it does not exist this SEO thing. But even if we do, what time will we be able to rank on the front? Wrong, why do I say this because here?

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