A webmaster SEO website optimization case Adventure

A webmaster SEO website optimization case Adventure

July 29, 2017 siyigpggwzmw 0

SEO project example operation case description:

SEO case company name: (signed an optimized confidentiality agreement with the company at that time, so it can not be exported)

operating company: www.seoys.cn project implementation: skin Zhixiong

The following

published an article I in SEO search engine optimization service process, an actual case of SEO operation process of contact, it is quite complicated, but also can be said to be an adventure, because such customers is relatively small, after all, understand clients like more and more dilute. This project happened shortly before I first met SEO.

This is a

client Huaqiang North Taiwan funded company, a typical Taiwanese entrepreneur, (added: the company manager is a very pragmatic Taiwanese businessman, the concept of time and efficiency of the super) Ltd. is a large trading enterprises, sales agents and all kinds of electronic products all over the country have a branch, the main trade channel is relying on e-commerce and counter distribution.

optimization shows: the company size is relatively large, because the Taiwanese trade in mainland China more generally, Taiwan funded enterprises are paying more attention to the network marketing and network marketing, the company in 97 years has registered a number of related domain names, and owned a server hosting and arrange some programmers (in fact, internal development SEO is a technology project, the rise in recent years so the 70% programmers on the website optimization is not very understanding) independently developed internal programming personnel of the company product sales website is also the company, the company also often do some traditional website promotion and advertising, but the effect has not been very ideal. The company’s programmers generally use ASP.NET programs to develop web sites.

although the company has thought to improve the effect of network marketing, but the company scale is relatively large, the company senior management people understand the marketing channels in the network is relatively small, so to expand the channels, there are still some resistance.

until later the Taiwan company of several young people leaving the company he founded a small trading company, the beginning or in the original company products (goods turnover relatively strong, strength of the Taiwan funded companies generally do products are the total generation area) these young people and an e-commerce network marketing personnel at the beginning of the main business together just established their own web sites, mainly relying on its own website, network marketing, sales of the product, but these young people will also study, is a small product manual. They can also according to market analysis experience into some related product search keywords. So sales were good on the Internet at first. (trade and production enterprises of different nature, the most important thing is to have customers, supply and assembly are better to deal with)

so later, the managers of the Taiwan funded enterprises found that some of their products had plummeted in the range of their total sales, some of which were still unsalable and were later discovered in major searches

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