Talk about an old stationmaster’s bumpy road

Talk about an old stationmaster’s bumpy road

July 31, 2017 kogyetwtlzeu 0

I am a technical background, and I have been working on it for more than ten years. Years later, I got tired of the day when I faced the complicated code. And I am now a full-time webmaster. When it comes to building a business, I have an unusual experience,


: a first computer

The year of

, which is 96 years, when I was reading high school, at that time for the college entrance examination, many students often do not learn all through the night and night, is in order to obtain a dream university, in which there are a small number of students but on the contrary, no goals do not know what to do every day, do one day grind, I would say it is a waste of youth. It was in this context that I started contacting computers in the third year of high school. I didn’t mention the reason for contacting computers. Of course, in that era, my family could afford a computer, but my family was not poor. In this way, I became attached to the computer, and when many students are playing, I began to study computers alone, when I bought a very thick C language book, and chewed it several times before I understood it. I know I want through knowledge can change fate, so in my spare time fully into their interest in computer, every time the holiday, put himself at home, their training program code in front of the computer, the code of a screen after screen across from my eyes, in that era, the is a high-tech " "! With this interest, I started my dream programmer.

two: set foot on the job

university graduated four years, is a starting point of our life into the society, but also a starting point in life in front of us, in the face of this when we dream, what should we do? Go ahead!

after graduating from school, the family asked me to find a job smoothly safely in our county, I hope I can have a job at home to live a comfortable life, yes, who did not think so? I am very grateful to them, understand the parents, raising my parents, but I thank you! My dream, I want to become a billionaire, I will earn a lot of money to let you live a happy life, let your light of heart from care. That’s what I believed then. At that time I yearned for the gold rush metropolis Shanghai. I look online to see if there is any company in Shanghai that needs programmers. After a long time, I was hired by a company. This is now the 5117 company, although this is a start-up company, but it is only willing to join my company, because of the development of my company optimistic about the project, so I came to Shanghai, began his first job. In the railway station, the sound of rumbling sound, parents expect and not abandon eyes, I choked, don’t let oneself cry, I started my life journey.

three: full work,

to settle down in Shanghai, will be put to work, now in retrospect it is two words: passion! Because I love computer school in this line, coupled with my own self training I was soon put to.

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