The plight of small and medium enterprises go from here

The plight of small and medium enterprises go from here

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nearly a period of time, China’s large number of small and medium-sized enterprises lost or even closed down, causing the central government attaches great importance to. The current plight of SMEs mainly from three aspects: one is artificial, energy and raw material costs rise, the appreciation of the renminbi, policy tightening financial costs; secondly, limited government policies (such as the decrease of the export tax rebate rate); third, the United States and Europe and other market demand down. It can be seen that the small and medium-sized enterprises are involved in the cost and market, technology and other issues.

at the end of 2006, the registered Chinese business of small and medium-sized enterprises reached about 4300000 households, small and medium-sized enterprises to create the final product and service value, total exports and tax revenue, accounted for 58.5%, 68.3% and 50.2%, accounting for 66% of the national invention patent, vigorously develop small and medium-sized enterprises have many advantages, such as small and medium-sized enterprises can improve the ability of private consumption because of the small and medium-sized enterprises, profits are more enjoy employment, help to eliminate the gap of income distribution, increase the consumption capacity, in addition, the small and medium-sized enterprise is the main innovation, such as the United States, since 1990s, about 70% of the innovation is done by small and medium enterprises etc.. However, at present, when faced with difficulties in the development of SMEs, should we go from here?

network marketing senior consultant Wangzhicheng believes that the small and medium-sized enterprise survival in the face of such a predicament, previous marketing ways and means, or will be changes, is to change the marketing idea, reduce marketing costs, the choice of network marketing channels, accurate network marketing, so as to enable enterprises to invest the least cost, achieve high efficiency thus, continue to exist in the difficulties and unfavorable factors in. Here, I want to tell the small and medium-sized enterprises in these difficulties, "a great company is not just because it can seize many opportunities, but because it can carry over and over again."." In fact, from another angle to think that trouble is a good time for businesses to get great development, as long as you have a good grasp of this dilemma, it is a good time to engage in accurate network marketing, we have seen many well-known companies, is the rise in the predicament after, not that far away, like the Tencent in recent years Baidu, a Alibaba, which have not experienced the winter of the Internet in 2002, of course, as a network of people, more willing to mention Wangzhicheng network, network marketing is the trend of marketing, precision marketing network and Wangzhicheng advocated is that under the precise positioning of enterprises, in a certain region, the new network marketing strategy take effective methods of marketing. Characterized by a "hit" and "medium", is a new form of green network marketing. The Wangzhicheng precision marketing network is proved by the practice of many years of experience, Wangzhicheng network marketing service for a number of enterprises and the success of the precision marketing network, achieve business goals, help enterprises in the network have established a large number of customers, saving the daily operating costs, the cost of sales.

in the plight of the enterprise, not what to day "

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