Stationmaster should study Yu Zecheng in latent more

Stationmaster should study Yu Zecheng in latent more

July 31, 2017 exmkiwrukxce 0

I am concerned stationmaster net nearly two years, is a must see the website, learn from others at the same time it myself some bud, but has not started because feel not write valuable articles, then write down a piece of content from today, hope and many webmaster exchange, also hope that the webmaster net do more color


recently by Honglei Sun starred in the TV series "Lurk" is known to every family, he has become the focus that people talk about who plays the character of Yu Zecheng is hot, and it is suitable for different types of audience relationship, male viewers can watch the thrills and suspense spy story, female viewers can watch the revolutionary romantic love you can see, white-collar office politics and bureaucracy, students can learn about the history of military knowledge, then as a webmaster what should we learn from it? The author hopes readers paizhuan.

1. has firm ideals and beliefs. Accept the task of doing underground work in Yu Zecheng, leading to remember he said one sentence "what can change the critical moment, only faith can not change, it is because of the firm belief that makes his magic. This point has to do stand webmaster or will do stand webmaster is a must remember the words, must have their own beliefs, have their own ideals, a lofty ideal and firm belief in the webmaster is strong, which is more than any technology are important, must be strong. Because of the ideal, it will continue to struggle for ideals, even if the road forward is so bumpy. With ideals, you will continue to work hard every day, even if you are tired of everything. With your ideal, your life will be full of sunshine every day, and make you more charming. Therefore, there is the ideal webmaster is the most cattle webmaster. I think every station into this circle is carrying a dream, and only as firm as Yu Zecheng ideals, in order to finally make dreams come true.

2. insists. For this point, many people have raised, it seems to adhere to the webmaster has become the mantra, but also on the Admin5 read a book called "there is a force called persistence" article. As a webmaster, we face a person’s loneliness should adhere to, in the face of other people’s doubts should adhere to, and when the future is confused, but also adhere to. To become the essential quality of this circle, as Ma Yun said, "today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow", so the webmaster want to learn to warm the right hand left hand.

3. innovation. This is reflected in the body of Yu Zecheng is the most incisive, in order to get every important information, he will come up with the best of both worlds, both have intelligence also want to protect themselves. As a good webmaster, must have a sense of crisis, constantly come up with new solutions, always stand on the user’s point of view to consider whether the website can do better, spend more time in consideration of these issues than every day thinking about how to cheat by to flow much better.

4. forgot in the shortest possible time

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