Novice webmaster 35 days self study guide

Novice webmaster 35 days self study guide

July 31, 2017 wmubyfndfnts 0

this article is dedicated to friends who want to do something but don’t know where to start.

      now more and more new Adsense to join the personal webmaster in this field, of which a large part is not any site foundation, following jade

Di to a "come over" identity, and we explore the basic steps of learning station technology and specific timing:

1, HTML (3 days)

starts with something simple, if it can be done like a screenshot of a web page. It is perfect, the middle can be mixed with the site navigation bar, button effects,


et al. If there is no PS based friends, you can appropriately extend the schedule.

, CSS entry is easy, that is, a few attributes, and in the web editor software, there is a direct entry value panel, I personally think css

is the difficulty of the integrity of the page, from the entire page or even the entire site of the height of design, planning, CSS, and skilled use of various techniques,

changes in the style and layout of the page, including browser compatibility, which still takes time, a skilled work,

is good at learning. Learning CSS can consider buying a book to study. The theoretical knowledge in the book can help you understand the meaning of each layout code.

is implemented through JavaScript, and JavaScript is a script for running and client, learning how to make many web effects, and

it’s relatively easy to learn (not including advanced features of Ajax) for >

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