Website day 300P earn 2000 experience sharing

Website day 300P earn 2000 experience sharing

July 31, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

my station, IP per day only 300ip, 2000 advertising revenue per month. 2000 of the monthly income for most of the webmaster may not be anything worth talking about. In fact, I am a novice, and this station’s IP is really only 300 a day, advertising revenue 2000 per month, this is absolutely true.

first said I made this station profitable thinking. The theme of this station is brain sickness hospital navigation. You can go to Baidu search, encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, brain atrophy these keywords, each word in Baidu are very many promotion links. "Cerebral palsy" a word, Baidu promotion one click, how much money know? 50 yuan?. My idea is to do such a station, optimize these words, get good traffic, and then do encephalopathy hospital navigation, advertising for them, directly from the hospital to collect advertising costs. Two hundred per month cost of advertising, if can bring 4 clicks, the hospital is feasible, if can bring more than four clicks, the hospital, is more cost-effective than Baidu promotion! Imagine that the hospital would not

?After the

website completes, how obtains the good rank, this is most important. Through the previous analysis, we all believe that as long as the ranking can go up, the profit of this website is absolutely impressive. These keywords competition is not very big, almost all of the hospital’s Web site, the lack of formal SEO means, beyond them is not impossible. But I decided to start with a simpler goal. So I chose the term "encephalopathy" as the key word. There are two reasons why we choose encephalopathy: 1. The competition is relatively small and the goal is easy to achieve. 2, the scope is appropriate, covering all the topics of my website. Key words selected, here is the choice of domain names. Here to share my choice of domain name is a small skill, as far as possible to choose the keywords and homophonic domain name, here I chose, com, net have been registered. This domain name, in the search will really give you a big ranking points. Next, is to plan the site structure, specific I do not say more, we can go to the small station to see. This is a very time-consuming, my principle is must be satisfied, because after the revision of the site effect is very large. Important or promotion, in the subsequent promotion, I do in addition to the normal content, BBS post, blog promotion, soft Wen outside, it is worth mentioning that I exchange friendship method. This method has given me very high quality links. Very simple, find a lot of encephalopathy hospital website network responsible person, to introduce them to a hospital encephalopathy navigation station, ask them if they would like to advertise, 200 month, two months before is free, the premise is to keep my station Links. About half of them would like to, and others do not want to. They can only put the link on the inside page, and I readily agree. So, less than a month, "encephalopathy" ranked first in Baidu

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