Novice webmaster site can not touch the four forbidden zones

Novice webmaster site can not touch the four forbidden zones

August 1, 2017 svkpikimjbzs 0

as long as you live in a new environment, you must understand the local customs, especially some ethnic minorities. Because the ethnic minorities have many strange behaviors different from the Han nationality. Although we can not understand, but still to comply with. If you touch these places carelessly, then you’ll cause a lot of trouble. Of course, novice webmaster also comply with the rules of the network, relative to the user, search engines and some other important rules for the site, we have to comply with. Then, the novice webmaster in the station when exactly what some forbidden area, need to avoid touching? The following author here to share this idea, hope to help new people:

first: template transformations are frequent, and there is no definite scheme for

Is a no trivial matter stabilizing role in the site space for

template. Users enter the site every day to see content, that is, identify with this template. We can try to think: if each location is not the same, then the user likes fast changes, user habits is the best breakthrough. We can’t change templates frequently. On the one hand, if the website template change, users will give up access to the site. Because your website does not know what to do, that is to say, your website is not sure what to do. For example, we do business, but there are many kinds of business. It is not an exact concept. Only a clear goal in mind, in order to go more smoothly. If someone knows how to do a website, but without a definite location, it is futile to do so. A person living in the world, we must know what you want to do, don’t muddle along without any aim, ordinary. Template validation can help you find users faster. Before you build a web site, you don’t usually have a detailed solution, just knowing you’re going to do it. If a thing lacks a plan, then it will soon reach the edge of failure. The plan has a redeeming nature that can respond to changes in the world. Template Transformation of the situation, we must seriously consider, can not be changed hastily.

second: Title unclear, frequently change Title

the title of a web site must be positive, not changeable. Because in Baidu, if the title of the site of high-speed changes, then included will be a very extravagant thing. If the title of the website changes constantly, users will think the site is very professional. Even a title should make such adjustments, then the webmaster is also an ambiguous person. For example, we write the composition, but also modify the topic. Once the topic has been modified, the content will change. A lot of things happen because the goals change and the direction needs to be adjusted. If a man of weak will has any difficulty, he will doubt his decision. A man has faith in himself only when he believes in himself. We must define the subject. Not to cannot but when you don’t have to modify the idea of the theme. When we think about headlines, try to think of a long-term title. The title represents the features and aspirations of the website. This will ensure both

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