Two things that should be paid attention to in personal websites

Two things that should be paid attention to in personal websites

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site is very difficult to do? Yes, it is really difficult, but when you find out a little rule, will find the site is not so hard to do when I want to do music in the free website, webmaster every day to stay online to see the experience of others, but also for a long time before to start, now is a small successful website. Today, share with you what personal websites are supposed to do.

one, creative

this is the best thing to do. Without creativity, your website has died without a sound. And what is creativity, I will not tell you, ha ha, because I do not know. If I had known, I wouldn’t have told you, but we could talk about something about creativity.

How can

be creative,


1., if you find out what you’ve done, someone else hasn’t done it, OK, it’s the most creative. Try hard to find out. Because the hardest part is that we can’t find what others haven’t done yet. But if you are familiar with a particular line, you can start with this line and you may reap it.

2., you find that the industry you are dealing with is only the first half of the year. And your old knowledge has something to do with it. Get in. Maybe you can get a slice of it.

3. if you find a mature industry because of new technology or trends. If they suddenly find a way to correct them, if they do have a great flaw in their traditional practices, act quickly.

two, location

once you have the idea, the positioning should be accurate. Because maybe you found something in an industry. If you want to do everything and do it all, you may be powerless. Because you are a personal website, you are not a company. You just want to earn a living every month. Then what is good and good may be more competitive. For example, China’s most NB personal website:, is now Baidu Inc bought at a high price of 50 million. Take a closer look at it and you’ll find that it’s a simple navigation site, and nothing else.

according to my personal little experience, personal website to do is summed up two do: be creative, positioning should be accurate. Creative good, but also positioning should be accurate, such as your positioning of the face of many users of things, or that the future of many users? If it is a flash in the pan "new" things, it would be bad.

The above view is

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