Websites sometimes need a stick to make money remember impulse blindness

Websites sometimes need a stick to make money remember impulse blindness

August 1, 2017 hwitgzokaqmt 0

today I, because the micro novel essay contest is in A5 on the ("Agam Gump" webmaster reality version of ongoing –5 Youth Exchange "Foxconn workers standard"), in the past do station was summarized during the process of their past my own or everybody made mistakes, write text together the following.

Adsense wants to make a profit,

sometimes it’s a bit difficult for a webmaster to make a website and make a lot of money, or to make something brilliant, but if you want to make some money, it may not be difficult, and it won’t be that troublesome.

is not to say that "must do beautiful, is not to say that you order the website not to eat or drink, is not to say that you have to grasp how much advanced technology, is sometimes only a simple stick can be achieved, is easier said than done.

because of the impulse of the "sea"

I had a place to stand, as for why do this station, it can only say that a "carrot", at the right time appeared in front of the right person, is such a coincidence. I’m looking for what type of station, saw a very simple all that can make money website, a website can do that a lot of.

said in the article: hanging a website, a little optimization update, can wait for the money, a monthly income of two thousand or three thousand, this article should we read a lot, I was also think so, so buy a set of procedures, so simple a website.

profits don’t win by quantity,

does this station, because the model is hanging station, money is so simple, so began the process of blind sites, web search ranking in the top 100 of the country’s economic city, which city did not see, and then registering a domain name, buy space, hang program, update, in a month’s time the country 4 city built in 4, was also wanted to build, but because the updated energy is not enough, you want to wait.

Later in the

I followed some of the master unknown to the public website, found that some sites do a master really gave me the feeling that he did not expect, considering what kind of website to make money, according to some types of unexpected, more and more school and help it to himself, the master is two or three station, would have been a very successful one, to be able to reach the height to later period of time, at least to a best, after have ample food and clothing.

The sale of


to stop renewals

for some time, I didn’t wait until the text said, "wait for the sky pie", but I have a profound understanding of the one thing, that is, want to make money, you should do something for the site. And several other extra station. In addition to the sale of renewal is to stop.

, one of them sold to a place at two times the cost of domain name and space

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