Talking about the two techniques of soft writing

Talking about the two techniques of soft writing

August 1, 2017 gmgroinyygii 0

first saw the two words soft when I don’t do what this meant, then to the Baidu search to know the soft is relative to the mandatory advertising, the enterprise marketing personnel or advertising copywriter personnel responsible for writing "text ads" because they don’t want to do hard advertising to advertise a product called soft Wen gu. Good soft Wen can play a very good publicity, as saying "a story seems to be a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance" is mainly used to promote or. Good soft Wen, let users to praise you, this requires you to write soft Wen can help users solve the problem, especially let users headache problem. Let the soft Wen is the real soft wen.

                soft engaged in the work of the friends, whether professional or non professional, hope oneself can write good soft Wen, do not want to write their own things to be scolded. But a lot of times, contrary to past wishes, the more you want to write the better, the more you write. In fact, the key is that you don’t put that at the time of writing the article when the soft, as is the usual practice, try to write to think, from the user’s point of view to think, really to write articles and advertisements to make money only for you to write the article is absolutely not the same. How can you write a good article,


, learn to write a series of articles,

Sun Tzu has a name here that the method is also at large the better to apprehend him, almost the same time, a lot of an article or through the types of articles, you continuous hair, like creating a series of novels, the user’s attitude will not be the same, this time the effect is not simply the 1+1=2. Do you want to do in the content coherence, like watching a film, every day is updated, so that users of the products will deepen the impression in the imperceptibly but you want to simply achieve publicity.

two, you need to know the brand’s influence,

in addition to the written series of soft skills but also understand to shape the brand, is with your article to shape an image, this image is not only the people can also make products or a virtual image.

Admin5 can often be seen in a push founder Jiang Likun to create their own brand, look at his interview, he began to use his real name brand now, before each published article will bring your own name. So long time, we see people will remember such a person.

when a person’s image is created, it is much easier to do anything.

writing soft art skills, there are many, for the time being, I will try to find such a point, I hope to learn more skills later.

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