My film station theme positioning experience sharing

My film station theme positioning experience sharing

August 1, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

, the last article, talk about the movie station operation "preliminary preparation" chapter, and then share with you my film station theme positioning.

now the movie stations everywhere, free program is very much, what’s more, a lot of business with program ten minutes to build a tens of thousands of movie film station, movie station is more and more low threshold, a space, a domain name, a more than 10000 film movie station is generated, there are now many webmaster, every day spent only ten minutes or so, collecting the latest movie back then waiting for traffic to slowly rise, many owners often talk in the post, I asked why the movie station did a year ago, IP or less please carefully, think, there are so many movies, now, there are so many of the same content, in order to get the special attention of Baidu in so many movies. Like to buy lottery tickets in 500 in case of sample.

I have with many webmaster, every day look at the statistics, and then the movie, waiting for a traffic rose, was also naive to think that, as a movie station turned out to be so simple, even period of time thinking, I want to open ten of the same movie station, a station a day to earn ten dollars, ten stations a day to earn 100 dollars, can really do the third station, only to find it wasn’t the case, three stations, no traffic, Baidu for the three is not interested, here comes the key problem, how to do a good the movie station.

many friends say, do a keyword, yes, this is a very effective way is also very good, but if you do not know who SEO it, or tens of thousands of movies, you introduce that key, not to your station name or free movies etc. these words, what is more, many online friends, said the movie station SEO, is just a waste of time.

and friends to say, buy the high quality of the chain, this is true, but to do so, you will have a lot of input, in general do stand friends, probably a few hundred dollars a month the chain costs, many people can not afford.

to understand SEO, and no money, do original seems to have become very important, but tens of thousands of movies, every day of the original five articles, not exhausted to tired out, and the new general power is relatively low, even if Baidu included you, will not give you a good the position. Now back to the point, how can you do a movie station?.

Let’s make a

for example, make a stand like a business, what is your business in the flagship product, what do you think is the most predominant, most likely the best selling, then these main products to promote the sales of other products, you know, if I open a grocery store. What are inside, the owner did not know what is the most popular store, it is certainly the shop did not last long, the best thing to do this, supermarkets and shopping malls is undoubtedly the best.

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