Personal Webmaster how to build your own nternet brand

Personal Webmaster how to build your own nternet brand

August 1, 2017 siyigpggwzmw 0

‘s famous Aaron Wall published a post in his blog entitled "Google new algorithm gives a lot of weight to the brand."".

gives more weight to big brands, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt has given some hints. Last October, Eric Schmidt in an industry conference, is the presence of journalists and the magazine executives said, the Internet is flooded with false information into the sewage pit, and the brand is to judge the content of trust is more and more important signal. Brand is the solution, is to solve the sewage pit in the direction.

arguably, big brands, big company websites do rank much more easily than small ones. However, this algorithm correction is different from the domain name weight promotion, but the line of brand power in the search reaction.

but in fact, this is not quite the case. There are a lot of big brands on the search engine rankings, and it’s really not worth being in front of them. This is not to say that their SEO is bad, but that many large company websites have very poor content and poor usability. Search engines are unfriendly, and page relevancy and links are not up front. Google this algorithm changes, may be intended to improve the performance in this regard, given the special treatment of the next line of big brands.

so how does Google judge the big brands under these lines and improve their rankings? There are several conjectures, including:

takes full account of the number of brands mentioned on the Internet, not just the links. As long as the brand name appears on the Internet, it shows the brand strength.

The number of brands mentioned in

social networking sites, usually only large brands, can be widely mentioned and discussed.


search terms, the correlation between brand names and industry keywords, the number of specific brand names being searched, a bit similar to news and user concerns.

semantic correlation analysis. In a page related to a particular industry or topic, the brand is associated with a particular industry when a large number of brands appear. For example, in many computer related pages, "I bought a DELL" and other sentences, the word "DELL" is not a link, literally not directly related to the computer. But because of semantic correlation analysis, you can know that DELL brand and computer closely linked. For example, "Baidu once" this sentence, often appear in the search related pages.

large areas of sudden news, pictures, video and so on, may also mean that the brand involved is a big brand, because only big brands have enough money to advertise, set off the mainstream media attention, fried news.

so we should also create their own personal Adsense network brand, brand network: an enterprise, individual or organization set up in the network all the good products or services set up in the minds of people is the network brand image. Just as the search "stone"

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