Ji Xinzhi how do grassroots webmaster keep pace with the times

Ji Xinzhi how do grassroots webmaster keep pace with the times

August 2, 2017 bsjsgcnszljw 0

I am a right and proper grassroots webmaster, do not for grassroots is the pursuit of interests, the interests of the owners going in the wrong direction, but also lose more opportunities and resources. I think the webmaster want "immortal", "immortal" is generally used for a great man as a webmaster why need for this spirit? There is only one answer, to serve the people, only the Internet to help the public have the meaning of existence. Let me define the Internet, I will be defined as a tool, but this tool is mainly used to pass information to the user channel, forming a mode of transmission of a point of each other after another up, so most network marketing means are the foundation for this mode of transmission of.

delivers information that can deliver good information or send bad information. Sending bad information is always blocked, and it’s only a matter of time before it is blocked. Good will only be a permanent transfer network stored in the course of time will form a natural idea, a kind of thought, that is how to define good information, the user will not It is without rhyme or reason. to Hello, good information based on the interests of Internet users, and the actual information can help users. Internet users, the figure is convenient and fast, saving time, generally very lazy, so saving time is the greatest expectations of Internet users, can quickly help me find the needed information, the direct demand is clearly the interest based.

to Ji Xinzhi grassroots experience, for example, into the webmaster industry, the figure is to make money, the direct benefit from a "greedy" word. Feel the network is a new industry, others make money to attract me to enter the line, what can make money, what can make money fast and stable, can easily make money at home, when I entered the bank I will read this article carefully, but now I see this is one section, the central idea is the whole article, I think all this is in order to attract traffic to the title of the party. In fact, really can make money to sleep at home? I can’t deny it, can really sleep little or the opportunity to make money is temporary for a period of time. Want to achieve this sleep can make money, passive income is actually rely on your early investment and operation for some time, the whole team to build up, and the team does not you can operate properly, who dares?. So many people only see the surface of things are not found behind the efforts of hardships and difficulties, but now there are a few dare to let him take over your position for you, there is little, the Internet giant network to share it, did not dare to let others company supervision, go free happy every day but many chiefs of their products.

from the interests of Internet users and the interests of the owners, is a kind of psychological resistance produced by the different purposes, information on advertising especially offensive, this is also why I failed dozens of times, so webmaster want to follow the pace of the times must be found on the network supervisor, to guide you forward. When you find your mentor, your ability is improving quickly, but that doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. This is because the traditional teaching model gives you a habit of rote learning

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