Grassroots webmaster how to make your web site to bring you income

Grassroots webmaster how to make your web site to bring you income

August 3, 2017 pfefptdfkerv 0

, let’s talk about your career as a webmaster. From 2008 January began to contact the webmaster this occupation, I remember the beginning because of his work in a decoration company, will have to build a local network decoration ideas, but had never contacted the website knowledge related in Baidu constantly search content, slowly found DZ the product, with DZ built a decoration Forum, not because of the promotion optimization, forum traffic is always kept at about 20IP. At that time, the forum is not good to promote (in fact, they do not know how to promote), and learning to use phpcms, built a decorative network of the main station, but 2 months after the flow is still very poor, and eventually gave up the site.

went on a website after the failure of web knowledge Study hard to start, then CSS, SEO and CMS on learning to stage a comeback. Do the process of learning and made a website, it is actually not what website, is a knowledge of their own learning is put up, similar to a blog, answer some novice webmaster issues in the dedecms forum every day, slowly by the official note, when the Dede moderator is now the Dede forum Xiao Xiangyue. The site slowly began to learn the process and began to replace templates and web content many times, and has grown to the DEDEcms’s Now the site has reached 4 pr. From when the moderator can find template task to make money, started from the template task of my career, but I only do Dede template, because if you take a good use of the CMS words is enough, now I do Dede template every month thousands of income. I learned a lot from it and began to make a profit. Do more templates, put some of their own good template to DEDEcms home display, in order to bring more tasks.

DEDEcms in the development process of the family know Mom in this league, a long time bubble where one day in the mom found Taobao off this thing, then called amoy. At that time think that this thing can make money, germination on a special website to do Taobao customers, so there are and (Taobao, women’s clothing) these 2 sites. The former PR also has 3, the back of Taobao buy ah, net just built, PR or zero.

from the initial nothing to understand, to the present monthly, from the Internet to earn thousands of blocks of income, this is in this year and a half since the harvest. In fact, a lot of emotion and understanding.

in the process of doing template tasks found that many novice webmaster friends do not know how to locate their own site, how to make yourself from the website or network to earn their own pot of gold.

is actually trying to make money from the web, not just the following

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