Way cattle Network Competition Law survival under the shadow of giants

Way cattle Network Competition Law survival under the shadow of giants

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titanium media note: cattle road network in May this year, after the listing of the United States, the stock price within two months from the issue price of $9 rose to $18, the market capitalization doubled. Tuniu throughout the development process, you will find that it always live in online travel three mountains under pressure, but has been around the core of leisure tourism, and the giant is not good at doing the tour with the group to achieve the ultimate. This kind of extreme, to a certain extent, helped the way cattle survive in the fierce competition, but also restricted the horizontal innovation of its business, making it a relatively small company. "Commercial value" reporter Liu Hongjun through interviews, comb out the way cattle Network in the shadow of giant survival path, summed up in four rules:

now, it’s a matter of course that a mouse can easily book a tour on the internet. But 8 years ago, it was a blue ocean that no one had ever done. Relying solely on leisure travel development, the way cattle travel network in May this year, the United States listed, becoming Ctrip, eLong, where to go after the fourth listed on the NASDAQ China’s Online Travel Corporation.

China’s online travel market is quite similar to the Internet today. Ctrip, eLong and where to control the trend, three points of the world, almost monopolized the online travel market. Chinese Ctrip is the first batch of Internet Co, from the hotel started, has developed into a comprehensive tourism platform with air tickets, hotel, car, tickets, travel and elong Ctrip Raiders; step by step to push back the main hotel where the search from the price; the bright younger generation from the potential investment in Baidu became with equal platform Ctrip confrontation.

way cattle and where to create at the same time, is growing up in the cracks of the big three companies. Compared to the volume of the other three, it is still only a small company, according to the issue price of listed, the market value of the way cattle listed is Ctrip’s 1/20, where is the market value of 1/7. In addition to the three giants of online travel, donkey mother, the same way network, poor travel way cattle is also a group of Online Travel Corporation emerge in an endless stream, located in the subdivision of tourism market innovation in the company, the first talent shows itself.

shares in the company listed in succession, the way cattle Network CFO Yang Jiahong always trembling with fear. On the one hand, in the U.S. capital market, and no way similar to the way cattle, it is difficult to apply the U.S. business model to impress investors; on the other hand, the way cattle are not profitable. Its prospectus shows that from 2012 to 2013, a total net loss of 186 million 800 thousand yuan cattle, net loss of 79 million 630 thousand yuan in 2013, the gross profit margin was only 5%.

however, less than two months after the listing, the ox way is like a dark horse from the sky, its share price from the issue price of $9 rose to $18, the market capitalization doubled. Today, China’s Internet situation has become a giant monopoly of the world, how to entrepreneurship in the shadow of the giants, and in the fierce competition in the


rule 1: find the correct position and do subtraction >

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