Refuse suicide website construction should reflect the value and long term perspective

Refuse suicide website construction should reflect the value and long term perspective

August 3, 2017 fxcbhyzvatkx 0

when the traditional marketing advantage is gone, search engine marketing is becoming more and more competitive. In order to enhance the effectiveness of network sales, and the construction of a beautiful web page, many companies are also working hard on the search engine. Search engine optimization is also in this context, the development of the raging fire, after all, relative to the unpredictable cost of bidding, the optimization of investment is relatively controllable. Through the promotion of website quality, improve website ranking this is understandable, and standard to enhance the quality of the web site and user experience search engine optimization, the major engines are sure and welcome. But unfortunately, now the website construction and website optimization seems to have come to an extreme, no cheating, not optimized short-sighted behavior, so that search engines and users quite helpless. This approach, although a short time can bring some benefits, but no doubt the grave.

(figure above is typical for optimizing cheating by ranking keywords)

, a search algorithm is increasingly perfect, cheating will be nowhere to hide


through simple keyword stuffing, buy links rough, can make the website keywords ranking straight up, so this way, where is the website construction value? What is the actual significance. Based on the purpose of better survival and development, search engines also attach great importance to user experience. From the point of view of the search engine, it is bound to continue to enhance the algorithm, to more accurately judge the quality of the site, so that the value of the top ranking of the site. The purpose of website construction is to enhance the user’s feelings, the same as the search engine users, God, the lack of value and quality of the site ranked first, the user is a kind of injury.

some people say that search engines are constantly adjusting the optimization algorithm every day, which is too far fetched, although change, but at least not so frequent. But search engines are constantly changing algorithms, with a view to more accurate judgment of the quality of the site is certain. Through observation and comparison, we will also find that the ranking order of websites in different periods under the same keyword is also changing frequently. However, there are always some website rankings are relatively stable. Typically, a period of time the site itself quality is not out too, resulting in only two cases ranking floating, a search engine is more excellence, two competitors in the competition strategy adjustment. Why do some websites rank so stable? The answer is quality, a truly quality website. The more accurate the algorithm is, the better the rankings will be. At the same time, with the competition, with the search engine site quality judgment more accurate, cheating will have no place to hide.

two, the user experience can not be ignored, deception undoubtedly deceiving

everything has to go back to the nature. For the website, only the user is the only destination. We work hard to do content, building links, its purpose is to enhance the rankings, but the purpose of upgrading the rankings is just to allow users to faster and more convenient to find the site. So, by optimizing the promotion site >

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