A good way to use web sites to promote new sites

A good way to use web sites to promote new sites

August 3, 2017 efmsxvjqwech 0

web site, presumably everyone will use the Internet is also often used, URL site included a lot of commonly used links to your website, but also a detailed classification of the site address. Many people will use the web site as the browser’s home page, so the URL of the station will be much larger than the average site, traffic is also very large. So we come through the website station to promote his station, from his huge flow is also very big. So we come through the website station to promote his station, from his huge flow in a cup of soup, is a very good promotion.

below, we will take "favorite website navigation" for example.

"favorite website navigation" should also be regarded as Web2.0 URL site, and his interaction is very strong, we also use his interactive to promote our website:

1, use "website joins in" service

We use the

favorite web site navigation "URL to join" service, address, he is actually equivalent to a self-help Links system, you will be his website link on your website, then according to your detailed information and the classification of your website to fill in this form, we must first register a website account, and then submitted to.

Complete the

site administrator will be submitted after the audit, check 1, your website is ready he links? 2, your site is malware or virus? 3, your site is pornographic or illegal information? 4, whether your site is included in the site in 4? Conditions are no problem, your site will be formally included in this website to the web site, the user can see through classification and retrieval and click on your website.

also has a small tips to tell you, the first to join the new navigation network. According to the time sequence in each side will display 10 website newly added, this part will display on a page so that the exposure rate is very high, the first review of the URL navigation network is every day at 10 o’clock in the morning, so you can submit your website information in close to 10 in the morning time, if you are the 10 most new, your site will appear in at least 24 hours within a web site on all pages, the exposure rate that a high

! Ha ha!

2, the use of "stick" to promote

said the interaction of the website, "favorite site navigation" is a very good function, is "Post Bar" (), he is similar to Baidu’s Post Bar, according to your topic opening theme Post Bar, in your theme in the same post, the new post will also display the latest 10 web site on all pages, posts of course also need to log in, in front of US registered users can directly log posts. Of course, be careful not to repeat the posts will be deleted Oh, ~


3, using the "group" to promote

, finally, say, "favorite website guide."

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