First site how to determine the theme of your website

First site how to determine the theme of your website

August 3, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

today, the theme of the website more and more important factors in SEO, in order to allow search engines to better see your site is used to do what, your site must have a clear theme, elf SEO:

at the beginning of the site, you have to think about your idea

first, before doing so, you should think of your site is around what, not a good program to do a template to consider, if it is the first time to do the station, there are many situations, some existing ideas after the site, some people first is trying to wind here, elf tell you, the first station, you can ask yourself:

what’s the purpose of this site? Pure money, pure interest, or something else,


the decision of your future, and your site layout, such as the Shanghai SEO Research Center, built the station is to experience some of the usual experience record wizard SEO records, not for money, so the station is a public good, I do not care about his flow, don’t care about how to put ads on the above it.

what do I have in mind,


the vastness of the Internet, today there is no what is the field of blue ocean, if you want you can not to make money in case lasting yourwebsite. The only way is from your interest, build what station, think about what you love, love basketball, you can first build a basketball website, forum what do you love, Fairy Dance, naturally built a hip-hop station to play, even if it does not make money, you can also get a lot from it, for example, you can know a lot of the same interests and your friend ^^

from above

, don’t come up with a big and complete station,

many friends come up to want to do a Sina, what are some portal, which is highly undesirable and should start small, now Chinese is a rapid development of the market, a small area will be very promising.

do not think too perfect, with the theme, on the line, and say

Do not think

perfect, with a good idea, to do it again on the line on the line, according to the situation and then slowly improved, especially in the field of you do the first time, time is the first


perfect imagination! As the execution Its loopholes appeared one after another. action! Is more important than what


– Elf SEO

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