Analysis of how to promote a health care category website

Analysis of how to promote a health care category website

August 5, 2017 iowtiarijtod 0

The promotion of

consumer website, is a difficulty for many people, because everyone thinks on these things, and expensive and do not know how the quality of health care products? Especially, to talk about my personal promotion of effective understanding of the chain: containing the WWW web site, and indexed by SE ", this is the chain link. A lot of friends, a lot of released URL, but more than 90% pages are not included in SE, posting what are quickly identified as ads under these, in my opinion, do is useless. Through years of experience accumulation, I have to promote their own health Web site skills to share with you, master can skip oh.

, a deep understanding of the need to promote website

must first make an overall and grasp the details of his promotion of the website, for example, I have extended (the best and most effective slimming products (feet) of Tsinghua Science and technology Confidante capsule) of the two sites. Next, I’ll introduce the following section:

"products": many people think that just know about it myself ~! For example, before a completely mistaken! Website page ( there are so few: the main ingredients, product efficacy, and the traditional method of weight loss compared to three pieces, one of my experience is that some main components of keywords extraction in, with some related articles such as "with the release of the 7 most effective slimming whitening ingredients" ( to provide consumers with a kind of authority and acceptance.

There is

"and the traditional way to lose weight" this is a can be extracted for use with some things, the text touch can be used as a feature in the blog, forums, of course, not the time the product is put in the first place, the people think is advertising stickers, have a method, as an example for reference.

two, specific promotion way

1, must be timely and accurate! The best way is to register a domain name for the user name, and then comment in the first time posting blog update, the first page of the article or the contents of the article page or, must be timely. For example, you sent 12 articles after the review, two in the home page shows, and 2 very, you comment, there must be a chain. With this approach, you can do more for PR stations.

2, BBS post must be rich in content, a lot of people in the post is usually a word trouble, so, you search the element in Baidu, will find few were included. Send hundreds of words of their own writing, or the mood, the appropriate text, plus a connection, will soon be included, the worst copy combination made pseudo original article is also ok.


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