Dining O2O transformation rise behind five major forces highlight and strengthen

Dining O2O transformation rise behind five major forces highlight and strengthen

August 5, 2017 kogyetwtlzeu 0

[introduction] catering industry transformation mainly because the industry is too large: behind the original capital into the scale of operations, to store platform profit the combination, integration of supply chain and oligarch win-win situation, the depth of integration with other industries grow, bio pharmaceutical intelligence to change the world.


in the previous article, we described the specific content and method of catering enterprises in the implementation of O2O Union, in this article we will on the catering industry is currently facing problems of transition and future development of more depth. The biggest change in the restaurant transition needs to be done from an investment point of view, from a former sole proprietorship or 35 people to a restaurant. Catering investment behavior in the transformation is very large, the transition from the previous group for business with a small capital investment. If Huang Taiji teamed up with Huayi Brothers, call a duck.

in the seventh phase of the restaurant O2O salon scene, he said why the food and beverage industry needs to transition, mainly because the industry is too primitive. Primitive food and beverage industry is like a piece of mud, and practitioners can squeeze out all kinds of images. When the big capital enters, there is an opportunity for the meal to be fired from the mud. From the mud to the ceramic process, that is, the catering industry mature process.

one, big capital into win-win thinking, subversion development

big changes in the food and beverage industry, first of all big capital, a large number of capital into the industry. The second is this, a large number of high-end talent began to cross into the food and beverage industry. The entry of these two will bring about tremendous changes in the catering industry. From the investment behavior changes the entire restaurant industry management behavior and management behavior. Food and beverage industry investment will be more and more big, from its former small shop management, development to small and beautiful chain operation.

catering industry "three high" (rent, labor, raw materials) is the inevitable impact of progress of the times. Dining small and beautiful, in fact, tells us to transition, and do not despise single point cut into small products, but also need to have a win-win thinking. Behind the Internet is an open, transparent, altruistic and win-win mode of operation. This win-win situation includes win-win cooperation with employees, win-win customers and win-win suppliers. From the entire investment philosophy, the boss’s altruism and win-win thinking will determine the survival of enterprises. From the wage model of employment to employees into a partner to become a way to fundamentally change the backward state of food and beverage management.

two, the scale of operation to store platform profit

if the restaurant with the aid of the Internet, from a store expansion to open one hundred stores, its shareholding, equity participation to expand the management of the main body, will be able to focus on group intelligence, enterprise development to a higher level. Through the change of ownership structure, the management of catering enterprises is adjusted. Through the integration and exchange of resources, expand the scale of enterprises, so that enterprises become stronger. Through the accumulation of profits to employees, through technical means to cut off the excess links in the catering business, from the field >

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