Forum marketing helps companies win a good reputation

Forum marketing helps companies win a good reputation

August 5, 2017 qljljlgbjcad 0

nowadays, the popularity of the Internet promotes the rapid development of the forum. Almost every portal site has its own forum, the total number of forums in China has exceeded 2 million, ranking first in the world. Of course, this is based on the huge population of china.

forum marketing is a simple word-of-mouth marketing conducted by the enterprise. Within the forum community, some ideas and suggestions for shopping have become an important reference for Internet users. However, forum marketing never just released the enterprise product information so simple, the general forum administrator is not allowed with obvious advertising posts, and now the Internet users posted on advertising has been very disgusted. Therefore, how to grasp the sense of marketing forum, without a trace of mind, win the favor of users, is the foundation of BBS marketing.

The most important point,

forum marketing, interactive marketing, communicate fully through this forum to allow Internet users and consumers, a better understanding of their own enterprises, but also fully understand the needs of consumers. In this process of exchange of information, not only enhance the brand image of enterprises, but also finally achieve the purpose of marketing and promotion of enterprise products.

three types of BBS marketing posting: BBS from the point of view of marketing practice, marketing posts can be divided into big paste, small paste and pure advertising paste.

paste: mostly in the form of a ZhuTie + multi thread. Some forms, labels and represented as a main axis, hot topics for discussion, through more threads, gradually completed the introduction of corporate brand and product information.

small paste: mostly in the form of a ZhuTie + a few abreast, from product features to write articles, dissemination of product information, contains strong interactive content.

pure ad posted: usually in front of the forum a few posts, companies need to cooperate with the forum moderator, and pay the appropriate costs. Take the event marketing advertisement as the main point, carry on the promotion of the enterprise product.

popularity is a fundamental factor in forum marketing

public forum in the end what is attractive, in fact, is simply allowing a large number of Internet users for information exchange. Because of the light of the public forum, like the society, then the BBS marketing should grasp, personal emotion, public opinion, technical point of view, respectively, to analyze.

emotional emotion. Our feelings are often very subtle, in work and life more and more pressure today, strong pressure, prompting people to release their emotions and depression in the network forum, focus on entertainment, popular events, need to find a breakthrough in the network marketing forum, let users get an emotional catharsis in your post, and produce the impression of post.

public opinion. With the development of society and economy and the influence of western culture, people began to emancipate people’s minds. They no longer passively access information from traditional media, such as television or radio. Therefore, the public opinion in the forum will be more concerned.


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