Webmaster analysis Chongqing Dating Club 2nd Anniversary psychological process to share

Webmaster analysis Chongqing Dating Club 2nd Anniversary psychological process to share

August 5, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

in the 6 years of my life’s work, the computer and I forged a bond. Before I started this club, I was always very confused. I always wanted to find a wide range of friends and make lots of new friends. But after several rounds of search found, this small city, not even such a platform, so I have a premonition own opportunity and responsibility to the.

from the questionnaire to the evidence, I try to ask the advice of friends around me. The club’s predecessor was just a group of people, several members of the singles club, most of whom were single. Perhaps everybody has the same topic, perhaps has resonated, the group member more and more, has developed from a group to many groups, the popularity climbs steadily. I spend a lot of time analyzing the information I’ve gathered. I thought more and more I overthrow the ideas of the past, analyze more, I feel more a strong idea began to occupy my mind, want to develop a broad platform to make friends, only the QQ group is not enough, the popularity of the group increased, but the number to join in. After all is limited. So, a bold idea came into being, and I was looking for an effective breakthrough, and finally one night in 2008, I suddenly want to understand such a truth:

"to upgrade the existing dating platform and provide a more sophisticated and extensive dating platform to existing members of the group, this platform should be a forum."."

if only using the existing group, still in accordance with previous ideas, then friends will come into a dead end, past experience and a large collection of information to tell me that is not only inefficient and often can make a lot of friends for a short period of fresh. I can tell you definitely that I’m not for money. Maybe it was because there was a lot of time and energy at that time, so I made a modification of a kernel program I used. When a name really spent a lot of spirit, like most of the day, can not think of a good name, in short, the need for a simple, catchy name. At that time, in order to avoid the name of the web site and other web site conflict, immediately went to Baidu, and the result, I found actually appeared "sorry", did not find the relevant web pages". Well, that’s the name. One is good to remember, two is easy to understand.

at that time, the site is not clearly positioned, most of the sections of the article are filled in my own, and many of their own content added to the basic, they have not seen. After day and night at that of the planning data of a few days, the forum’s positioning in the "pre dating party". First, I was in Chongqing, good publicity, outside my popularity is good, have a lot of friends, second, Chongqing does not have a communication platform, the third aspects, including the Chongqing local people, for those of us young people a relatively high degree of concern. Finally, after positioning, I’ll >

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