Tact backdoor listing approved the other three express companies listed on the road whereAn Dongshen

Tact backdoor listing approved the other three express companies listed on the road whereAn Dongshen

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in fact, as the Internet banking special rectification carried out, many companies involved in financial asset business are shut out of the regulators. The most obvious case is a platform to raise public equity for the listing of three new board rejected.

is a family of third ethnic groups unwilling to remain out of the limelight. This group includes semi retired, retired military and government personnel, and some in the ivory tower, unwilling to remain out of the limelight. This group usually has some direct or indirect contact with the business world, but strictly speaking, there is no real business experience. Generally speaking, the group has more free time, and they yearn for the brilliance of the media reports. They always feel that they can do the same. So, in essence, is the motivation of this ethnic group unwilling to remain out of the limelight.

so, at this point, the other three express companies Shun Feng, Shen Tong, Yun Tatsu listed on the road and how?

especially the family ecological environment has always been unwilling to remain out of the limelight, more accustomed to the stable, and more literati figure, not from the hands dry, is a high risk population. See the birds flapping their wings can fly, until their flapping of the wings, unexpectedly fell heavily. I see old fell dejected, and really suffered heavy losses, can not help but sigh of regret, unwilling to remain out of the limelight the price is too high.

‘s first ethnic group was an ambitious group. People in this ethnic group feel that there is not enough room for work, and they believe they have the right and the opportunity to do something. They will actively explore opportunities for entrepreneurship, once the opportunity to ambitious plans for entrepreneurship.

most surprising SF, choose "stability" word


is a family of second ethnic groups to join rebels. This group of people is not work can not continue, that is, unemployed, looking for a job is not smooth, simply give up looking for work, decided to start their own businesses.

however, this tact from the initial disclosure of backdoor program to successfully landing A shares, only 6 months, 12 days, speed >

entrepreneurs, for the direction of entrepreneurship, must have a very clear positioning. This can be done in two directions. One is the external environment, the other is the internal conditions.

in order to reduce the risk of failure, before entrepreneurship, must have a clear planning, positioning, strategy implementation must be accurate. Shopping malls, such as battlefield, entrepreneurship is a battlefield. Have a clear strategy. In the implementation, it is best to concentrate on the elite, key breakthroughs. Do not play, like a shotgun man.

has a very low probability of real success on the bright side of successful entrepreneurship. More than 80% new companies will have to admit their losses within three years. Entrepreneurs must carefully consider the direction, from the external environment analysis of entrepreneurial opportunities, and then consider the integration of resources, create conditions, seize the opportunity,

May 2016, Ding Tai new materials announced SF holdings backdoor listing program, SF holdings as a whole price 43 billion 300 million yuan, placed Ding Tai new material. Compared to the other three listed express company, SF pricing is the highest, the outside world also once thought that SF will likely become the first landing A shares of the express company.

Abstract: in accordance with the current application process of the express company listed, and if all goes well, in 2016, the domestic capital market will likely arise four private express company.

July 29th evening, dowin announced that Chinese SFC reorganization of listed companies Audit Committee announced that the company’s major asset sale and issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions through conditional.

, Yuantong Express successful backdoor dowin, will become the first landing A shares of the express company.


research institutions said, "in accordance with the current express company applications for listing process, if all goes well, in 2016, the domestic capital market will likely arise four private express company."."

however, the ideal is beautiful, the reality is cruel, in the vigorous entrepreneurial army, the real survival of less than 1%. If you plan to start a business, I An Dongsheng suggest that you learn successful experiences on the one hand, but more importantly, you need to understand why so many people fail. Because in statistics, the odds of failure are greater than the probability of success. So it’s important to be good at defending. Don’t think that the God of defeat will not come to you. You must be ready to face his provocation.

, a business analysis of the external environment

after the release of this regulation, including Tibet tourism, including listed companies were terminated restructuring. In order not to affect the process of backdoor listing, SF choice "stability" word is also understandable.

however, just a few days ago, SF holding A shares backdoor company Dingtai new material announcement that SF holdings will divest its three financial stake in the company, which is Hefeng small loans, Le Feng Shun Cheng, factoring financing lease, the total value of 711 million 700 thousand yuan. The move has also been interpreted as "SF" has the determination to protect the shell.

may be another factor to major asset restructuring of Listed Companies Commission released in mid June "Draft", which has referred to the "perfect reorganization prior access conditions, from the source specification reorganization behavior".

wants to start a lot of people, regardless of age, education or experience, Ann Dongsheng believes that can be roughly divided into three ethnic groups.

In this

, according to informed sources, at present, all types of financial enterprises in the new three board listing will be suspended, let alone with the Internet financial enterprises landing A shares, the possibility of passing the audit is very low.

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