Does entrepreneurship require dreams Dreams collide with reality talked to six female CEO s the w

Does entrepreneurship require dreams Dreams collide with reality talked to six female CEO s the w

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some people choose to be female entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurship is a good word, this two day of Ali listed on the news has been dominated by the website of the headlines, the commentary is more like the river of the crucian carp. Speed transit network 673rd on the topic also talked about: entrepreneurial dream? Guard Yuan Kun to write this text. ".

Alibaba 19 listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States, while much attention at the same time, the development process of its dream also touched countless people. But at the same time, we find that many enterprises that adhere to dreams fail, but there are failures on the way to success, and a large number of dead enterprises, this shows that this is a difficult road. This way, to adhere to the dream or reality? from the speed transit road

Abstract: when my friends get married and have children, and when I’m still working, the whole world tells me you shouldn’t have too much ambition. At the age of twenty, I totally don’t care what they think. But when I’m getting into my mature age, I’ll reflect on it. Should I put more time into the perceptual world, such as being a family?.

many people see the success of Ali, what is more, why I not with deep hatred and resentment into Ali, a general staff. Sister said a word: "not to get is not important.". We missed it, so we missed it. Success is a matter of chance and necessity.

travel president Liu Qing has been surrounded by guilt because of too little time to spend time with his family. In order to take care of the family and work, she chose to leave work at nine p.m., go home to coax the children to sleep, and then meet at her house downstairs at eleven.

Goldman Sachs is the largest female partner company in the world. After entrepreneurship, I tend to recognize

we can’t wait. The reason is simple: reality. On the road to success, the first problem that enterprises face is how to live. And in order to live, we have to give up our ideals. Everyone thinks he’s doing the right thing, including the author. So we will work hard for our dreams, but how many people will beat us and beat you: you are in the wrong direction. Is it really meaningful? Is it meaningful or successful?.

30 years is very short, flash past. For an enterprise, 30 years of wind and rain is really long and long. This allows us to see the growth process of traditional enterprises. Some people say that the Internet business is relatively easy, the threshold is relatively low, the opportunity is relatively large. For the Alibaba, 15 years of precipitation has created today’s brilliant. And for the Internet entrepreneurs, how many people can wait three, five, ten years,

however, being a woman entrepreneur means choosing to face the complex business world, while not being absent from family life. There is no doubt that it is challenging – almost at the same stage in life – that they are required to have the greatest input in their work time and that their biological functions require them to have children.

we have no intention of strengthening the label "female entrepreneur" because it is a time when she started her business. In 2015, the Alibaba issued a "Internet plus her age: Women Entrepreneurs report" shows, compared with male, female entrepreneurs in the traditional enterprise are few, but in the context of the Internet, female entrepreneurs can occupy almost half the sky".

1., as a female entrepreneur, in the business world, what exactly is inconvenient? And how did you deal with it?

, we chatted with 6 female CEO from the Feng family,

, I’m intimate with the main points of the article

2., in your opinion, is the world better for women entrepreneurs?


from a love child, understand mother and child commodity mother, into honey bud CEO and an entrepreneur, for Liu Nan is a great leap forward. She believes that women have many challenges as entrepreneurs, in the process of entrepreneurship, women have to break through many sexual shackles. "In a lot of decision-making, you need to be calm, you need to pay attention to the data, and you need to analyze it. These traits are the opposite of the natural traits of a girl."."

women entrepreneurs do not exist as a "woman entrepreneur", but as "entrepreneur", but just gender is female.

"I make up my mind who I want to be. This is me."." – Coco Chanel

some people think that girls are too emotional, can not do things, do not take us seriously. My solution is to have the nerve to remind him that I am a useful and effective person.

3. share a thing you feel great about in the process of starting your own business.

does entrepreneurship require dreams? The answer is undeniable. What can really go on is through countless precipitation. Like Malata electronic education I recently watched as of September 18th, Malata group held 30th anniversary anniversary commendation and the gala, 30 years, Malata has always adhere to the times, innovation and entrepreneurship, from black and white TV to satellite receiver, VCD, DVD, and then to the LCD TV, tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone, continue to create a time the characteristics of the new products and new brands; in 30 years, Malata has always adhere to the entrepreneurial passion, love dare to fight to win, from the Nanjing Jinshan a ravine, out of Zhangzhou, out of Fujian, out of Chinese, towards the world, become the famous brand enterprise Chinese.

entrepreneurship needs a dream. That’s for sure. After all, we need a belief that we can support ourselves. However, no matter what the industry, you have to solve their worries parents, families, if not even the minimum income, >

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